At the All Japan Championship of Table Tennis held in Osaka City, the quarterfinals of men's and women's singles were held, and among the men, Tomokazu Harimoto and Koki Niwa, who have been nominated to represent the Tokyo Olympics, both lost in the best eight.

On the 16th, the 6th day of the All Japan Championship, the men's and women's singles quarterfinals were held.

In the men's singles, Harimoto, who aimed to win the championship for the first time in three years, played against Mizuki Oikawa, who belongs to the same team in the T-League.

From the beginning, Harimoto suffered from a powerful shot that swung Oikawa's arm, and dropped three games in a row.

In the 4th game, I accumulated points with my own backhand and got 11 to 5.

However, in the 5th game, Oikawa couldn't cope with the bold attack, and he made a mistake that the ball that went to the decision exceeded the table tennis table, so he couldn't catch the flow and dropped it 8-11.

Harimoto lost in the game count 1 to 4 and was eliminated in the best 8.

Niwa, who has been appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics along with Harimoto, also lost to Yusuke Tanaka, a sophomore in college, 2-4.

As for the boys, both of the two unofficial athletes of the Tokyo Olympics lost in the best eight, and there was still a challenge to strengthen for the Olympics.

Harimoto "Challenges for the next match after a long battle"

Tomokazu Harimoto, who lost in the men's singles quarterfinals, said, "The first point of the match was a rally, but I couldn't get it. From there, the opponent gained momentum and lost points in a row. The point was there. I was restless from the beginning to the end, and with my feet off the ground, I didn't have a good ball and I didn't have the power, so I was attacked by my opponent. "

He also said, "I was tired from fighting to the full game in the 6th round yesterday. I felt like I played today, but even if I won today's game, I couldn't win. This time, I was tired more than the regret that I lost. Is bigger. I'm not fine enough to express emotions, "he said.

And for the future, "I want to set the next game after a long battle as an issue. The T-League will start, and there will be an international tournament in March. There, one game at a time, so that I can feel the growth. I want to practice. "

Niwa "Not enough stickiness"

Koki Niwa, who lost in the quarter-finals, said, "I think it was because I lost the game even though I was leading the fifth game. I'm very disappointed. The opponent's backhand was strong and my defensive skills were good. , I got one more and wasn't tenacious. I wanted to win and stay until the final day of tomorrow, but today the opponent was stronger. Since this is just the beginning, I can switch my mind and leave good results from now on. I want to do my best one game at a time. "