Good evening and welcome to this live blog.

I (Jeroen van Barneveld) will keep you informed of the Saturday matches in the Eredivisie here.

  • LIVE:

  • FC Utrecht-Heracles 


  • PEC-Fortuna 


  • AZ-ADO 


  • Results:

  • Emmen-Vitesse 1-4

  • Sparta-PSV 3-5

FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · in one day

65 'A curse rests on the shoulders of Gyrano Church.

For the umpteenth time in this match, the right winger has the ball to shoot in, but the erratic attacker again manages to not get the ball on target.

Here FC Utrecht could have decided the game against Heracles Almelo.

AZ-ADO · in one day

22 ' 


The aluminum now stands in the way of AZ's hit.

Myron Boadu extends a cross by Owen Wijndal with a quick foot movement and the striker hits the bottom of the crossbar.

In the rebound, Albert Gudmundsson cones ADO goalkeeper Luuk Koopmans, who hits the post with his head hard.

The goalie needs to be patched up, but can continue.

AZ-ADO · in one day

18 'Again Albert Gudmundsson fails to open the score on behalf of AZ.

He only appears in front of ADO goalkeeper Luuk Koopmans, but gets off balance and works the ball against the billboards.

How many opportunities does AZ want to have?

AZ-ADO · in one day

16 'Like a jackass from a box, ADO striker Vicente Besuijen gets a dot of a chance on the 0-1.

He takes care of Pantelis Hatzidiakos and Bruno Martins Indi and only shows up for Marco Bizot, who turns the bet.

It goes up and down in The Hague.

PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard · in one day

56 'GOAL Fortuna Sittard!


There is the coveted and deserved goal for Fortuna Sittard!

And what kind of one.

Zian Flemming nicely curls the ball behind PEC goalkeeper Michael Zetterer, who actually has no chance.

in one day

AZ-ADO · in one day

10 'What an imposed opportunity for Albert Gudmundsson on behalf of AZ.

The Icelander has the ball for typing, but he cannot get it in from close range.

AZ-ADO · in one day

6 'Teun Koopmeiners did it last week against PSV with his heel, but now against ADO the captain of AZ is close to a goal from a corner kick with a header.

ADO goalkeeper Luuk Koopmans taps the bet from the corner.

AZ immediately urges Alkmaar.

Eredivisie · in one day


The whistle has sounded again at the other two evening games.

Do we get fireworks at FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo (1-0) and PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard (0-0)?

Trainer Frank Wormuth has in any case mercilessly intervened at Heracles Almelo.

In half time he makes three changes.

AZ-ADO · in one day


The ball rolls in Alkmaar for the first half of AZ-ADO.

Can the Alkmaarders continue the good series in the Eredivisie after the victory over PSV?

AZ-ADO · in one day

The turf in Alkmaar is becoming increasingly green.

No shortage of snowploughs prior to AZ-ADO.

Is AZ also sweeping the floor with ADO?

in one day

FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · in one day


After 45 minutes FC Utrecht is more than deserved in the lead against Heracles Almelo.

Sander van de Streek is the maker of the only goal in Utrecht, although a blunder by Heracles goalkeeper Janis Blaswich preceded it.

PEC-Fortuna · in one day


Zian Flemming puts his hand over his mouth, because for him it is also unbelievable that it is still 0-0 in Zwolle.

The Fortuna striker was close to the lead for the Limburgers a number of times, but PEC goalkeeper Michael Zetterer is keeping his goal clean for the time being.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

PSV after crazy second half past Sparta

In a goal-rich duel PSV has booked an important and difficult victory over Sparta (3-5).

Bryan Smeets gives the home team a dream start after four minutes with a pin in the cross, before Mauro Júnior makes the equalizer halfway through the first half.

After the break, PSV runs through Donyell Malen, Noni Madueke and Philipp Max to 1-4, but Sparta comes back through Danzell Gravenberch and Reda Kharchouch and the Eindhoven team staggers.

Malen still shoots his team in a safe haven in injury time.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day


PSV booked a goal-rich victory on a visit to Sparta (3-5) and remains in the footsteps of Ajax and Vitesse.

PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard · in one day

38 ' 


Fortuna Sittard is almost in the lead there in Zwolle.

Emil Hansson sees his curl shot fly over the goal of Zetterer via the crossbar.

in one day

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

90 + 3 'GOAL PSV!


PSV will 'just' take the first victory of 2021.

Ibrahim Sangaré comes through on the right and passes hard and low.

With that he gives Donyell Malen an unmissable chance for his second goal of the evening, also the decision in this game.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

90 'The injury time at Het Kasteel is

four minutes


Can Sparta complete the comeback or will PSV survive?

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

87 'GOAL Sparta!


We still get a hot final phose in a cold Rotterdam.

Reda Kharchouch slides in the penalty and scores his first goal for Sparta.

Suddenly, the victory for PSV is no longer certain.

FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · in one day

30 'GOAL FC Utrecht!


FC Utrecht is finally in the lead against Heracles Almelo.

Sander van de Streek heads an indirect free kick from Adam Maher, but Heracles goalkeeper Janis Blaswich is certainly not going free.

He lets the slippery ball slip from his hands.

FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · in one day

29 'Bart Ramselaar groans with pain after a hard collision with Orestis Kiomourtzoglou, who hits the back of the head of the FC Utrecht player during a head duel.

Ramselaar is off the lay for a while, but is being patched up and can continue.

in one day

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

86 '

Penalty Sparta!

Engels puts his body between Teze and the ball, after which the PSV defender takes him down.

Referee Nijhuis has no choice but to give a penalty kick.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

85 'Goodness, Gravenberch, how do you get him wrong?

He can only go to Mvogo, but hopelessly pushes the ball about 2 meters off the post and leaves after making it a hot final phase.

This chance was significantly easier than his goal just now.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

84 'Sparta is to be commended for not giving up yet.

Auassar tries with a hard long shot, which is overlooked by Mvogo.

FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · in one day

25 'What a beautiful action by Gyrano Kerk.

The attacker pulls two scissors from the top hat and then fires the ball at the goal of Janis Blaswich, who has to stretch to keep the zero for the time being.

For the time being it is FC Kerk against Heracles Almelo.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

What a purchase Philipp Max has turned out to be for PSV.

The tireless left back is already five hits and five assists this season after his goal today.

He just got the chance to score his sixth goal of the season, but was not played well by Donyell Malen.

in one day

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

80 'Malen is through, but decides to pass on Max who came along.

However, the attacker does not do that well, so that the left back is pushed too far to the side and the Sparta defenders can intervene.

PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard · in one day

The snowploughs did their job well prior to PEC-Fortuna, because nowhere is the grass as green tonight as in Zwolle.

PEC is just not really reaping the benefits of this.

Fortuna rules and it is thanks to PEC goalkeeper Zetterer that it is still 0-0.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

75 'GOAL Sparta!


Is this the start of a great comeback from Sparta?

In any case, the score becomes a bit more bearable, because Danzell Gravenberch shakes off Denzel Dumfries and finds the far corner with a flying shot.

FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo · in one day

14 'What an imposed opportunity for Gyrano Kerk, the wing flash of FC Utrecht who has been struggling with his form for weeks.

After a combination with Sander van de Streek, the attacker gets the ball with a bit of luck, but from this angle he just has to score.

Heracles goalkeeper Janis Blaswich, however, manages to turn his bet.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day



PSV has very little to fear from Sparta after the break and decides the match here, if that had not happened yet.

Philipp Max visits his husband, cuts inside and shoots in with his lesser right leg.

It is already the fifth goal for the left back, who is the most accurate defender in this Eredivisie season.

PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard · in one day

13 'There is the first big chance of the match and it comes in the name of Roel Janssen.

The defender of Fortuna Sittard towers above everything and everyone with a corner kick and heads right past Michael Zetterer's goal.

PEC is relieved.

AZ-ADO · in one day

After a few hectic weeks, AZ finally achieved a success last week by winning 1-3 at PSV.

Can the team of trainer Pascal Jansen take that good feeling with them to the home game against ADO, which is scheduled for 9 p.m.

Captain Daryl Janmaat is missing from the Hagenaars with an injury.

Setup AZ: 


Sugawara, Hatzidiakos, Martins Indi, Wijndal;

Midtsjø, Gudmundsson, Koopmeiners;

Stengs, Boadu, Karlsson.

Setup ADO:


Van Ewijk, Del Fabro, Kemper, Ratiu;

Vejinovic, Goossens, Familia-Castillo;

Besuijen, Kramer, Bourard.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

63 'Kharchouch immediately gets a dot of a chance at the connection goal.

A long ball from Beugelsdijk falls behind the PSV defense, making the substitute suddenly face to face with Mvogo.

However, he shoots the ball straight at the PSV keeper.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

61 'Fraser intervenes considerably at Sparta, which lost the connection with PSV in the first fifteen minutes after the break.

Meijers, Mijnans and Duarte leave and Abels, Pinto and Kharchouch come in front of them.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

Donyell Malen shows immediately after the break how important he is for PSV by sliding in the 1-2.

The Eindhoven team has never lost an Eredivisie game in which Malen was accurate (twenty victories, three draws).

Eredivisie · in one day


The orange ball also rolls over a snow blanket in the other two games.

These duels are on the way:

  • FC Utrecht-Heracles Almelo

  • PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

Coincidence or not, PSV plays a lot better in the second half now that an orange is used instead of a white ball.

Where a white ball was scored once in 45 minutes, the orange ball already hit twice for the Eindhoven team in five minutes.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day



What a lightning start from PSV in the second half!

Less than two minutes after the 1-2 it is already 1-3 for PSV.

Noni Madueke brings a pass from the rising right back Jordan Teze perfectly under control and the striker leaves Sparta goalkeeper Maduka Okoye no chance.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day



The second half is less than two minutes old when PSV has the lead against Sparta for the first time.

Club top scorer Donyell Malen is doing it again for the Eindhoven team.

After a nice pass from Pablo Rosario, the striker finishes in the far corner.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day


The ball rolls again in Rotterdam for the second half of Sparta-PSV.

After a lot of hassle in the break, referee Bas Nijhuis has pulled an orange ball out of the equipment loft.

Will PSV bring some luck in the hunt for victory at Het Kasteel?

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day


On a barely playable field, Sparta and PSV are keeping each other in balance for the time being.

In the fourth minute, Bryan Smeets is untenable with the opening goal on the board and Mauro Júnior equalizes with a viewed header.

Both teams have also lost a player due to the slippery field, which is a good indication of the circumstances.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

43 'Cody Gakpo has also fallen victim to the slippery field.

The young attacker is replaced by Donyell Malen, who makes an appearance much earlier than probably thought.

PEC Zwolle-Fortuna Sittard · in one day

In Utrecht, too, there is a snow blanket over the field of the Galgenwaard Stadium.

The snowploughs must be involved in clearing the snow from the field.

Sparta Rotterdam-PSV in one day

37 'Roger Schmidt rages against the referee, but then Bas Nijhuis is the wrong one.

The referee gives the PSV coach a yellow card and clearly audibly corrects him.

"You do the coaching, I'll do the reffing. One more time, and you're sitting over there," said the referee, pointing to the stands.

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