Junsuke Togami, who finished in the top four last year at the men's singles at the All Japan Table Tennis Championships held in Osaka, abstained because a player at the same university had fever.

According to the Japan Table Tennis Association, which hosts the tournament, a player from Meiji University, who is the same player as Togami, had a fever of 38 degrees on the night of the 14th, so he visited a hospital and underwent a PCR test for the new coronavirus.

The results of the inspection are scheduled to come out on the afternoon of the 15th, but the Japan Table Tennis Association has decided to abstain from three players including Togami, saying that the players and staff who were acting together are suspected of having close contact. It was.

Togami was one of the winning candidates, having advanced to the top four in the men's singles last year and defeating Tomokazu Harimoto and Koki Niwa, who have been nominated for the Tokyo Olympics in this season's T-League.

On the 14th of the All Japan Championship, four female players from the same team as the staff abstained because the staff had fever, and due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the company to which they belonged before the tournament. Some players have withdrawn due to judgment, and 51 people have abstained so far, including reasons for injury.