At the All Japan Table Tennis Championships held in Osaka City, players who have been nominated to represent the Tokyo Olympics will appear from the 15th, and Mima Ito and Tomokazu Harimoto both won 3 games and won the best 8 I proceeded to.

From the 15th of the 5th day of the All Japan Championship, seed players such as the unofficial players of the Tokyo Olympics appeared, and the 4th to 6th rounds of men's and women's singles were held.

Ito, who is the top Japanese player in the women's singles and ranked 3rd in the world ranking, won the 4th and 5th rounds without risk and played against the 23-year-old businessman in the 6th round.

Ito dropped the first game at the end of the deuce, but in the second game, he accumulated points by developing the rally that had been strengthened and took it 11 to 9.

Even after the 3rd game, I took the initiative in serving and receiving, and did not pass the flow, and took 3 games in a row.

Ito won the game count 4 to 1 and advanced to the quarterfinals on the 16th.

Kasumi Ishikawa, who has been nominated to represent the Olympics along with Ito, and Hina Hayata, who is aiming for the second straight victory, also advanced to the top eight.

On the other hand, Miu Hirano lost to Miyuu Kihara, who won second place in the adult tournament, with a straight 0-4.

17-year-old Harimoto who aims to win the championship for the first time in 3 years also appeared

In addition, 17-year-old Harimoto, who aims to win the men's singles for the first time in three years, won two games and played against a 31-year-old businessman in the sixth round.

Harimoto suffered from a play-style opponent called "Cutman" who hit the bottom of the ball and returned tenaciously, and the game was entangled until the final seventh game.

At the end, Harimoto continued to play bullishly with a banging forehand and won the game count 4 to 3 to advance to the quarterfinals.

Koki Niwa, who has been appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics along with Harimoto, also advanced to the top eight.

Harimoto "It was harder than last year"

Tomokazu Harimoto, who advanced to the quarter-finals in the men's singles, said about the sixth round, which was tangled up to the final game, "It was harder than last year's semi-finals and finals. The point was that I was able to grow mentally more than last year and put out my skills in the final game, "he recalled with a tired expression.

On top of that, he said, "I've been hurt in my back since last month and I couldn't practice physically more than usual, but after playing three games, my anxiety disappeared. I think fighting is a gratitude that can be given to the tournament. Today I was able to embody it, and I want to do my best to win tomorrow. "

Ito "I enjoyed winning like myself"

Mima Ito, who advanced to the quarter-finals in the women's singles, said that she had played three games since the first match of the tournament, "I knew that today would be the hardest. I made very good adjustments and played against various types of players. It was fun to be able to do it. I was able to play table tennis that was unique to me, and I enjoyed it the most and was able to win. "

Then, for tomorrow's quarterfinals, he said, "Tomorrow is only one match, so I want to concentrate on that one match and enjoy playing like myself today."