The corona pandemic also has football firmly under control.

Given the current development, a European championship next summer seems illusory.

But Uefa is sticking to its plan to hold the tournament from June 11th to July 11th in twelve European countries.

But there are increasing voices that are against the planned hosting of the EM.

Frankfurt's sports director Fredi Bobic speaks out against the implementation of the EM in the planned form

Source: dpa / Tom Weller

For example, the former national coach Berti Vogts recently called for the European Championship to be postponed to the coming winter.

Eintracht Frankfurt's sports director Fredi Bobic is also in favor of a modification of the European championship.

“I have to agree with Berti.

It is an illusion that a European football championship will take place in twelve different European countries in June 2021.

And it would also be the completely wrong signal due to the corona pandemic, "said Bobic the news portal" T-Online ".

However, Bobic considers a postponement to winter to be ruled out.

“Normally the EM would have to be postponed again.

But that won't happen.

The appointment calendar offers no chance.

Especially at club level, ”said Bobic.

That is why the 49-year-old pleads for the European Championship to be held “in one country or at most in two or three nations”.

It is important that Uefa react as quickly as possible.

"You have to accept that"


Bobic doesn't think the European Championship can take place as planned.

If so, many players will draw their conclusions: “It is quite possible that - similar to the handball World Cup - top players will cancel the European Football Championship in the summer for fear of the virus.

That cannot be prevented.

One would have to accept that. "

Before the start of the handball world championship in Egypt, several German national players had canceled their participation in the tournament for fear of the corona virus and the circumstances of the World Cup.