, January 15th. On the 15th, the Chinese Football Association issued a notice on the implementation of the club’s financial agreed indicators, requiring clubs to strictly abide by the financial agreed indicators and implementation rules when renewing or signing new players whose contracts ended last season. Requirement to prevent violations of regulations and disciplines.

Image source: Football Association official blog.

  With the end of the 2020 season, the work contracts of several players have expired.

The Chinese Football Association stated that clubs should strictly abide by the relevant requirements of financial agreement indicators and implementation rules in the work of renewing or signing new players, and prudently promote the signing work to prevent violations of regulations and disciplines.

Regarding violations of regulations and disciplines, the Chinese Football Association will deal with it seriously in accordance with relevant regulations and adopt a positive attitude.

  In addition, the Chinese Football Association issued the "Notice on the Implementation of the Non-corporate Change of Club Names in Professional Leagues at All Levels" on December 14, 2020. After the notice was released, the professional clubs actively responded and strongly supported and submitted non-corporate name changes. The overall work progressed smoothly.

The Chinese Football Association organized a professional club name expert review team to review the non-corporate names submitted by the clubs, and sent written responses to the clubs on January 8.

  In this regard, the Chinese Football Association also issued a document on the 15th, requiring clubs that have approved non-corporate names to complete the business change procedures as soon as possible and complete the access and registration procedures within the specified time; clubs that have not passed the review shall report again before January 31 Name change materials that meet the requirements.

  The Football Association requires that each club should take the non-enterprise name change as an opportunity to further build the club culture, enrich the club's cultural connotation, and vigorously develop club brand identity products.

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