The first place of the sumo wrestling is on the 7th day, and Daieishō Hayato, who is the first player in the front, will defeat the three Ozeki and so on to win 6 consecutive victories and play against Takanosho Sekiwake.

If Daieishō wins on the 16th, he will be awarded a white star from all the participating wrestlers.

First place without yokozuna Two flat curtains win 6 consecutive wins

In the first place where Yokozuna is absent, Daieishō Hayato, who is the first player in the front, and Akiseyama, who is the 16th player in the front, have won 6 consecutive victories since the first day. ..

In the upper ranks, Kakuban Masayo Ozeki is chasing with one loss.

Daieishō will be the 7th straight win over all the participating wrestlers, if Takanosho wins the match on the 16th.

In the past, Daieishō's match record was 2 wins and 3 losses, both of which have a strong push sumo.

It will be the best test of your strength to see how much you can put up with each other's push and stick to your own sumo.

Akiseyama, who won 6 consecutive victories, will play against Ichinojo

Akiseyama, who also won, is a match against Ichinojo.

Both are wrestlers who are good at the right four, and it is expected that they will be fully combined with the four.

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of sumo wrestling will be shown by Akiseyama, who is boiling the ring every day at the opening of the 35-year-old return, against Ichinojo, who weighs about 200 kg.

Shodai, who chases with 1 loss, is a match against Abu Saki of the flat curtain, and the match result is 2 wins and 2 losses including the undefeated Shodai.

Abu Saki at the current location has a very good start, and the push is strong, so as a Masayo, I want to get rid of the sumo wrestling that comes forward and gain momentum.