The German Football Association has gone through many deep crises in recent years.

The current away from the sporting paralyzes the association like hardly before in the inner circle.

The relationship of trust between DFB President Fritz Keller and General Secretary Friedrich Curtius has been irreparably damaged.

After a presidium meeting on Friday that lasted several hours, the DFB did not part with Curtius.

The general secretary may stay.

According to a statement from the association, the duo said on Friday after the extraordinary meeting of the executive committee: "After an intensive and constructive discussion in the DFB executive committee, we will immediately undertake a last joint attempt in the interests of the German Football Association, its member associations and its employees. Discuss and define rules and roles for future joint professional cooperation. "

The meeting had been awaited with great anticipation, because of the power struggle between Keller and Curtius, personal consequences appeared possible.

The planned procedure, which Keller and Curtius had announced after the several-hour meeting on Friday, was "expressly and unanimously supported by all members of the Presidium".


The duo had already emphasized in October that they wanted to work through the differences step by step.

Since then, the conflict between the 63-year-old President and the 44-year-old Secretary General had intensified.