BK Häcken has called for an extra annual meeting in just over two weeks, where the proposal for a merger with Göteborgs FC will be tested.

A Gothenburg where it has fluctuated considerably in recent weeks.

The club first announced that they were closing down their elite operations - only to revoke their decision a few days later.

Then the merger with Häcken came into the picture.

Häcken's supporters The wasps, however, are hesitant about the merger.

 - What does the association JRC basically stand for?

They are undemocratic and do not even have any members.

We see it as very worrying to set up such an association in Häcken, the supporter club Getingarnas Robin Heed told SVT Sport on Wednesday and continues.

- We are extremely critical of bringing that way of working into Häcken, because it will not end well.

"Can call it a shortcut"

Now the criticism is met by Häcken's club manager Marcus Jodin.

- Until we went out with the information that we would call an extra annual meeting, everything has had to happen in as much secret as possible to deal with the delicate issue.

This means that we have not really been able to talk to all external actors in the way we have wanted.

Therefore, I can understand that a lot of questions arise in this situation, he says to GP.

The Wasps believe that the proposal to take over Göteborgs FC feels short-term.

- We believe that we as an association will have much better conditions to develop if it turns out as we suggest, that is the core of this.

I respect that you can call it a shortcut, but we do not see it that way.

We see it as something very good for football in Gothenburg and something very good for us, says Marcus Jodin.