On August 21, Hedvig Lindahl played for Atlético Madrid against Barcelona in the Champions League.

She then suffered a meniscus injury in September and has been away from the football field - until yesterday.

Lindahl made a strong effort when Atlético Madrid beat Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup.

The match ended 1-1 and the extra time was goalless.

In the penalty shootout, Lindahl became the hero with a penalty save - and Atlético was able to win 3-1.

- It was fun yesterday, to come back and play.

It has been a bit crap on the road, Lindahl says to SVT Sport.

Barcelona dominated the cup match.

The team had 65 percent of ball possession, 16 corners and as many finishes.

- The match was difficult - but calm.

Barcelona has gone like the train in the league and everyone who follows the Spanish league knows that nothing has been able to stop Barcelona.

They score like five goals per game, haha.

We knew it was a tough match, but considering how it felt in the Champions League when we met, we knew that it is possible to create a good energy in the team purely defensively, Lindahl says.

- We changed coaches the day before this match, so everything hung loose.

He had a training session and a meeting before the match, so it was not like we were playing together in his system.

But everyone was inspiring, as it is when teams get a new coach.

It was the energy we used to fight for overtime and penalties.

Was the change of coach a contributing factor?

- At least it gave energy.

And inspiration.

I also had inspiration, and lots of energy to give the team.

Then you create a wonderful feeling, mixed with a little luck.

We got punished, a little lucky.

They did not receive the punishments they should have had.

There were situations where the ball bounced our way.

Safe from the penalty spot

- When it comes to penalties, I feel very strong and have certainly gained a small reputation in the women's football world after the penalties in the 2016 Olympics, and the World Cup last summer.

Then I feel safe, happy and relaxed - then I do not feel that I have anything to lose.

They were also tired, it settled in their heads.

16 corners and believe 17 shots on goal, it was clearly those who had the most chances, says Lindahl.

- Considering all that - and that I came back from the injury - I am very proud.

In the final of the Spanish Super Cup, Levante is waiting.

- Now we have a few days to get something good.

I think we can build something good from here, it is a good start to beat Barcelona, ​​Lindahl says.

The 37-year-old emphasizes that it was a team effort, but is very proud that her knee held and that she was back at the level she wants to be.

- I'm very proud.

I do not just want to highlight myself, it is a team effort.

But I'm happy to be able to play 120 minutes and then contribute to the penalties.

It is difficult to find energy in matches, even when you are running and in shape.

Of course, I am proud of my efforts - especially with the kind of bombing that it was with.

I have done a solid job during these five months.

Physically I feel really good, I have taken time to build up.

"I feel strong"

Does the body feel good?

- Yes, it really does.

I feel strong.

How important was it to make such a strong comeback?

- Yes, it feels really good to stay at the level I am used to.

Lindahl is extra happy to give back to the club.

- They invested in me with a two-year contract.

Now I have had to give back to the club and Maria Vargas and Lola Romero who have run this for a long time.

I hope that during my time here I can help the club achieve the goals they want.

This was a good step in the right direction.

- But you should know that we have not won anything yet.

If we lose the final against Levante, the victory against Barcelona is not worth anything.