Rico Verhoeven is very upset by the serious traffic accident kickboxer Robin van Roosmalen got on Wednesday.

The former GLORY light and featherweight world champion is currently fighting for his life.

"Robin is a good friend of mine. I know him well, because we have the same management," said a clearly emotional Verhoeven on Thursday.

"Keep fighting, buddy. I pray for you and hope you get through it."

31-year-old Van Roosmalen was seriously injured in a traffic accident on Wednesday in which his 29-year-old sister Melissa was killed.

The two were standing with their cars on the hard shoulder of the A2 when they were hit by a truck.

Robin van Roosmalen sustained several fractures.

GLORY reported on Thursday that the former champion is fighting for his life.

De Bosschenaar lost his featherweight championship belt in 2018, after which he made the switch to MMA bond Bellator.

Robin van Roosmalen is currently fighting for his life, according to GLORY.

Robin van Roosmalen is currently fighting for his life, according to GLORY.

Photo: Eric Jackman

Ben Saddik also sympathizes with Van Roosmalen

Jamal Ben Saddik, who faces Verhoeven in a title fight at the end of this month, also knows Van Roosmalen from the small kickboxing world.

"Robin is a good friend of mine, it is very tragic what happened", said the Moroccan Belgian.

"I hope he can recover quickly and completely and I want to express my condolences to him and his family for the loss of Melissa."

Verhoeven and Ben Saddik will face each other on January 30 in the main fight of GLORY 77, which is held without an audience in Rotterdam.