Vincent Bolloré, at the dinner of the hosts of Canal +, in 2016. -


"I want to see the presidents of L1 see kneeling in a pool of blood".

The kind of off-the-cuff phrase that any sane journalist would die for.

Bravo to our colleagues from the


for this little candy in the middle of a paper on the complicated situation between Canal and the LFP, since the boss of Canal, Maxime Saada, has announced that he wants to return his lots and put a little more into Ligue 1 his nose in his puddle.

#Football "I want to see them on their knees in a pool of blood," Vincent Bolloré would have said in the great part of poker liar of TV rights.

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via Le Monde

- Sandrine Cassini (@sandrinecassini) January 14, 2021

BeIN not in the ranks either?

But the real boss of Canal is obviously Vincent Bolloré, and it is to him that this definitive projection is attributed.

The Breton entrepreneur, who would have personally asked for the head of Stéphane Guy after his little word of support for another personality of Canal turned bluntly (Sébastien Thoen), is definitely not making quarters in business.

According to Le Monde, the LFP is beginning to fear the final withdrawal of Canal, pushed by Vincent Bolloré to make the presidents of L1 pay for their arrogance of 2018, when choosing Mediapro.

The daily adds that beIN would not intend to put the pot during the call for tenders which will be hastily redesigned by the League, leaving the French championship at the mercy of Canal +, whose provisions we can guess. bellicose of the moment.

Good luck to Vincent Labrune, really.


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