<Anchor> The

chairman of the Korean Disabled Curling Association has been controversial as he made severe abusive speech to disabled athletes and disrespectful of the disabled.

The reason was that he supported another candidate in the election of the association president.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Lee Jeong-chan.


Korean handicapped curling gave a great impression with the so-called'Ovengers' fighting spirit at the PyeongChang Paralympic Games.

With the performance of these players on his back, Chairman A of the Disabled Curling Association succeeded in re-election in the presidential election last month.

After the election, however, Chairman A called Min Byeong-seok, the chairman of the athletes' chairman, and swear words for supporting another candidate.

[Chairman A: Chairman, I know everything I didn't take.

You are human waste.

It's XX.


Record it, bitch.] The

water level got higher and higher.

[Chairman A: You are going to kill me very much.

I pluck X with a knife.

Where are you now.

I'll go right away.] When

Chairman Min spoke in a difficult way,

[Min Byeong-seok/Athlete Chairman: Ignoring that

he is a handicapped

right now...]

Chairman A, a non-disabled person, did not hesitate to say that he

despised the


[Chairman A: You bitch!

What's great about disabled people?

I just feel uncomfortable.

What are you, Nong?



Dog XX.

The cubs who live because of me are all over.]

Chairman Min argues that this is not the first time President A's rant and demeaning of the disabled.

[Min Byeong-seok / Chairman of the Korean Disabled Curling Association athletes: Do it straight to the players selected in PyeongChang.

There are many players even if it's not you.

It's always kind to a disabled athlete.

It was common to swear at the



Other national players also raised suspicions about President A's embezzlement of prize money and forcing a gift, and even petitioned the public to block the war.

In response, Chairman A said, "I sincerely apologize for swearing while I was drunk," but clarified that there was no intention of degrading the disabled, and that other suspicions were not true at all.

(Video coverage: Choi Ho-jun, Yoo Dong-hyuk, Jeon Gyeong-bae, Video editing: Park Chun-bae)