Before the debut in the IBU Cup, Stina Nilsson has nobbed the media to put all the focus on the competitions.

But when she spoke to SVT Sport this weekend, she was expectant.

- I have had more and more time in these clothes and done many good workouts and solved many good situations in training that I also want to face in competition.

It feels good.

At 11.08.30 Nilsson goes out in Thursday's sprint as start number 77 out of a total of 135.

Stina Nilsson has done four national competitions in biathlon so far.

A few days before Christmas, she came third in a national observation competition in Östersund with only one boom.

Stina Nilsson on changing sports: "A new hunger" (December 18, 2020)

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Stina Nilsson on the choice to change sports: "A new hunger" Photo: SVT