It has really changed in the champion club in damallsvenskan, Göteborg FC, in recent weeks.

Like a bolt from the blue, they decided to close down all elite activities - and just a few days later, the club said that it will certainly have an elite investment.

Now there have been more bids: BK Häcken can be merged with Gothenburg.

For that reason, Häcken has now convened an extraordinary annual meeting, which will take place in just over two weeks.

- Based on the new conditions that the JRC's announcement entailed, we are convinced that this would be the best for both BK Häcken and for Gothenburg football in general, says chairman Anders Billström to Häcken's website.

"We are extremely critical"

But the supporter club Getingarna does not really agree and believes that the JRC is undemocratic.

- What does the association JRC basically stand for?

They are undemocratic and do not even have any members.

We see it as very worrying to get such an association in Häcken, says Robin Heed to SVT Sport and continues.

- We are extremely critical of bringing that way of working into Häcken, because it will not end well.

"We do not want GFC board members"

It is above all Häcken's brand that the Wasps are worried about - something they believe can be destroyed by bringing in JRC board members.

- We will not accept that we get members from the board in Gothenburg into Häcken, because it will not benefit the club in the long run.

We get leaders and players, because they are the ones in question in this case, we have no problem with that.

But when it comes to board members, we do not want them in our club.

But are you okay with the player and leader joining Häcken?

- As I see it now, absolutely.