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  • Feyenoord-PEC 1-0

  • ADO-VVV 1-4

  • Fortuna-Sparta 0-1

  • PSV-AZ 1-3

ADO The Hague-VVV-Venlo · a few seconds ago

Top scorer Giakoumakis wants to stay at VVV

Georgios Giakoumakis has emerged as a phenomenon at VVV-Venlo this season, which must fear losing him soon.

If it is up to the Greek top scorer, however, he will 'just' stay in Venlo.

"My teammates asked me after the game to stay at least until the end of this season. That was nice to hear", Giakoumakis said after the game with ADO, which he personally decided with four hits.

"We are family at VVV. If something very special doesn't pass by, I just want to stay here until the end of the season to help the team. I can't promise anything, but something really big has to happen to get me here. to remove."

Eredivisie · a few seconds ago

Feyenoord (two) and Ajax (first) will face each other on Sunday as numbers 1 and 2 of the Eredivisie in De Klassieker.

The last time that happened in the Eredivisie was on October 23, 2016 in De Kuip (1-1).

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Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

Feyenoord to second place thanks to difficult victory over PEC

Due to a hard-fought and oppressive 1-0 victory over PEC Zwolle, Feyenoord has moved up to second place in the Eredivisie.

The Rotterdammers have a particularly difficult time at home with the organized playing of PEC, partly because striker Lucas Pratto does not have his sights on a few good opportunities.

Thanks to a goal from Luis Sinisterra, who pokes the ball through a hole in the corner after more than an hour, Dick Advocaat's team nevertheless wins.

Feyenoord is level with Ajax and Vitesse in points and occupies second place on goal difference.

The team from Amsterdam still has a match credit and will play against FC Twente tomorrow.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

86 'Toornstra fires from a distance at Zetterer's fists.

PEC is not in a position to start a final offensive, but Feyenoord's attempts to shoot a second are also somewhat half-baked.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

77 'Virgil Misidjan has now come in at PEC, making his debut for the team from Zwolle.

His last Eredivisie game was on May 12, 2013 against AZ on behalf of Willem II (2-0 win).

Misidjan also made his last Eredivisie goal in this game.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

75 'Pherai has the equalizer on his shoe, but lingers too long after he cuts Geertruida out.

That gives Spajic the opportunity to intervene and save Feyenoord.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

Luis Sinisterra celebrates the opening goal with Steven Berghuis.

Feyenoord is also the stronger team in the second half, but with a minimal lead, PEC still keeps hope.

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Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

64 'GOAL Feyenoord!


If Lucas Pratto doesn't do it, Luis Sinisterra will.

With a bit of luck, the Colombian gets the ball after a scrimmage, but then finds the short corner with a nice shot.

The goal had been in the air for a while, because after the break PEC does little more than stop.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

63 'Again, Pratto leaves a great opportunity unused, although this time it is mainly due to a good reflex from Zetterer.

The Feyenoord striker flies into a cross from Toornstra, but sees the PEC keeper tapping his header out of the goal.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

Despite the necessary opportunities, Lucas Pratto still has not scored his first goal for Feyenoord.

Does 'El Oso' (De Beer) still have to get used to the game of his new team?

For a striker who is used to the rock-hard defenders in Argentina, it shouldn't be too difficult to get a goal.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

54 'That should have been him for Feyenoord!

Setterer has to give away another rebound and taps the ball in front of Pratto's feet.

Scoring goals in the Netherlands, however, is still more difficult than in Argentina, because the striker shoots right at the PEC keeper while he has the corner to choose.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

46 'The second half at Feyenoord-PEC has started.

Hopefully the game will be a lot more fun after the break, much worse than in the first half is hardly possible.

Dick Advocaat has taken Mark Diemers and Bryan Linssen off and sent Luis Sinisterra and Ridgeciano Haps into the field.

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ADO The Hague-VVV-Venlo · a few seconds ago

Big Giakoumakis show brings VVV victory over ADO

VVV-Venlo has won a 1-4 visit to ADO Den Haag thanks to Georgios Giakoumakis.

The Greek striker is responsible for the complete production of the Limburgers, with two penalties, a header and a ticker.

The Hagenaren get an honorary hit on the board via Samy Bourard, but are not able to cope with the goal of Eredivisie top scorer Giakoumakis (sixteen goals).

ADO The Hague-VVV-Venlo · a few seconds ago

Georgios Giakoumakis is the second VVV player ever to score four times in an Eredivisie game.

Hans Sleven preceded him on May 24, 1959 against NOAD (5-4 win).

Fortuna Sittard-Sparta Rotterdam a few seconds ago

Sparta continues to play in the left row

Thanks to a narrow victory visiting Fortuna Sittard (0-1), Sparta continues to do well in the Eredivisie.

After less than an hour, Lennart Thy makes the only goal of the match for Henk Fraser's team, who at least temporarily occupy eighth place.

ADO The Hague-VVV-Venlo · a few seconds ago

86 'GOAL VVV-Venlo!


On the scoreboard it says ADO-VVV 1-4, but it should really just be ADO-Giakoumakis 1-4.

The Greek is allowed to dock for the second time from the penalty spot and makes no mistake now.

Four goals for the striker, who now stands at sixteen goals in total thanks to this gala performance.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago


For the seventh time this season, Feyenoord goes into halftime with 0-0.

No other team visited the changing rooms so often with the glasses position on the scoreboard.

It is also difficult for the Rotterdammers against PEC, who do not have great opportunities.

Because PEC hardly asserts itself offensively, the lack of goals is easy to explain.

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Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

43 'Zetterer suddenly lets go of an easy cross, but to his relief he sees that Toornstra is sliding wide.

The Feyenoord midfielder will be disappointed by that, given the sporadic possibilities of his team in this sluggish first half.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

41 'The match in De Kuip drags itself to half time.

Feyenoord is not in a position to play the defense of PEC apart, while the people of Zwolle only become dangerous from the counter.

ADO The Hague-VVV-Venlo · a few seconds ago

In Venlo he has already achieved the status of Greek god: Georgios Giakoumakis.

With his three goals against ADO, he strengthens his position as top scorer in the Eredivisie (fifteen goals).

ADO The Hague-VVV-Venlo · a few seconds ago

68 'GOAL VVV-Venlo!


Do we also need to state who scored on behalf of VVV-Venlo?

Georgios Giakoumakis is only building on his mythical status by completing his hat-trick and bringing the margin for VVV back to two.

He is completely free at the far post and sees Luuk Koopmans again grappling with his bet.

ADO The Hague-VVV-Venlo · a few seconds ago

65 'GOAL ADO The Hague!


ADO trainer Ruud Brood has already changed four times and the new blood seems to be having an effect.

A header from Michiel Kramer still hits the post, but then Samy Bourard is in the right place to use the rebound.

Is there anything else in it for ADO?

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ADO The Hague-VVV-Venlo · a few seconds ago

58 'GOAL VVV-Venlo!


As far as that hasn't happened yet, we can now bomb Georgios Giakoumakis into a phenomenon.

The Greek striker heads his second goal of the evening through the hands of the grabbing Luuk Koopmans and seems to give VVV another victory.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

24 “He's getting closer, Lucas Pratto.

The striker quickly shoots out of the turn, but aims a few centimeters wide.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

Halfway through the first half we can say that Feyenoord and PEC are not really able to entertain themselves yet.

The visitors mainly try from a distance, while no one at the home team has the brilliant idea to open up the match.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

21 'Pratto is close to his first goal for Feyenoord.

Berghuis puts the ball down with a lot of feeling at the far post, after which the Argentinian striker can still reach it with a toe.

However, he lifts the ball over the goal.

Fortuna Sittard-Sparta Rotterdam a few seconds ago

57 'GOAL Sparta!


You don't pay attention and suddenly the ball is in Sittard.

Lennart Thy, already well underway before the winter break, breaks the spell and puts Sparta ahead against Fortuna Sittard.

He doesn't seem to get the ball full, but it still hits.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

16 'Clement can just continue after a sharp counterattack from PEC, but he seems to think he is offside.

As a result, he delays too long to return the ball to Van Duinen, who has the opening goal for typing in, and Senesi can intervene.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

15 'Van Polen may come a long way from Feyenoord and decides to lash out.

His shot is hard and has a good mop, but Marsman only has to dive for show.

The bet is more than a meter wide.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

10 'A shot by Fer is only seen late by Zetterer, because it is very busy in front of the PEC goalkeeper.

Fortunately for PEC, and unfortunately for Feyenoord, Fer's bet is just wide.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

The supporters of Feyenoord support their players.

Due to the many banners, the stands in De Kuip are still 'filled'.

Eredivisie · a few seconds ago

ADO-VVV and Fortuna-Sparta are now ready for rest.

The duels are not very high quality, and the goals are scarce.

Only VVV striker Georgios Giakoumakis finds the net by using a penalty against ADO, leading VVV 0-1 in The Hague.

In Sittard, the glasses position is still on the scoreboard.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago


The duel between Feyenoord and PEC Zwolle is on its way.

The team from Rotterdam can take advantage of the defeat of PSV, in a victory they have passed the Eindhoven team.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

White-hot Dumfries: 'First half unworthy of PSV'

Denzel Dumfries is furious to say the least after the defeat against AZ.

"How is it possible that we play such a bad game? This was a justified defeat, we can blame ourselves", the PSV captain snarls afterwards.

"I don't think it's because of fatigue, but we just didn't start sharply. Then AZ has enough quality to punish that, they are tactically strong at that. In the first half we played unworthy of PSV, it really wasn't good. The title is still ambition, but it doesn't work out this way. Anyway, this is one match, we have to get our backs and on again. "

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

Koopmeiners: 'You need luck for great goals'

Teun Koopmeiners makes his tenth and eleventh league goal against PSV.

The second in particular is of great beauty, although he himself remains modest under it.

"It's nice that things are going like this, but in the end I don't care who makes them. You have to lengthen it so that if no one touches it, it invades. Then you have to be lucky, but you also need that with beautiful goals ", said Koopmeiners, who does not want to speak of a catch-up race of his team.

"No two weeks are the same in football. We have lost a lot of points before, we have to fight to make up for that."

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

AZ maintains a strong series in top players against PSV

AZ has


a nice series thanks to a 1-3 victory over PSV.

The Alkmaarders have now won six games in a row against clubs from the traditional top three.

Teun Koopmeiners helps the Alkmaarders with a well-used penalty kick and a world goal (heel over Yvon Mvogo) in the saddle.

After the break, a stronger PSV kept hope for at least a draw with a nice free kick by Philipp Max, but in the last minute Calvin Stengs decided the top match.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago


AZ beats PSV in Eindhoven 1-3 and wins for the sixth time in a row against a club from the traditional top three.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

90 'GOAL AZ!


PSV's defeat is a fact, as Calvin Stengs ends the game.

The attacker dribbles in from the right and lashes with the left.

Via Jordan Teze the ball caramboles past Yvon Mvogo.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

89 'Max finds Boscagli's head with a corner, but Bizot is well positioned and has the ball stuck.

PSV's final offensive certainly does not shake AZ, the Eindhoven team are heading for a new loss of points.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

87 'Despite the gap, this is a wonderful moment at PSV.

After 983 days, Marco van Ginkel is finally a footballer again.

The midfielder comes in for his first game since May 16, 2018, who was also employed by PSV.

Since then he has been struggling with his knee, but now he's back.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

85 'PSV is feverishly looking for the equalizer to have at least one point left from this game, but AZ keeps the ranks closed, albeit occasionally with art and flying work.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

It remains a somewhat sad sight, an empty Kuip.

Thanks to the banners on the seats, the stands get at least some color.

😍 You will not see the stadiums much more beautiful in the corona period. @ Feyenoord⏰ 9 p.m. ESPN 2 # ⃣ #feypec


Author ESPN NLMoment of places19: January 24 - 13, 2021

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

76 'PSV is still the parent party, but time is slowly but surely starting to run out.

It is also not as if the Eindhoven residents really put the knife to the throat, the Alkmaarders hold their own relatively easily.

ADO The Hague-VVV-Venlo · a few seconds ago

6 'GOAL VVV-Venlo!


Georgios Giakoumakis continues to score even after the winter break.

After his two hits against Willem II last weekend, the Greek also opens the score against ADO Den Haag.

The top scorer of the Eredivisie remains cool from eleven meters and signs for his thirteenth competition goal.

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