At the beginning of September, Hedvig Lindahl was injured.

It was a meniscus injury and she was operated on the same month.

She was back in training at the end of November and was up for play in December.

But there were no matches.

First match in 145 days

Tonight, however, Lindahl was back on the football field - for the first time in 145 days.

It was a sweaty comeback.

The Swedish national team goalkeeper guarded the cage from the start when Atlético Madrid met Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup.

The score is now 1-1.

Barcelona really dominated and had significantly more finishes than Atlético, but Lindahl resisted.

Punishment had to decide.

Barcelona missed three penalties

In the penalty shootout, Atlético Madrid, with Lindahl in the goal cage, was the best.

Barcelona missed their first three penalty attempts.

It cost the match.

Atlético Madrid won the penalty shootout 3-1 after five penalties.

Thus, the team is ready for the final of the Spanish Super Cup.

Levante is waiting there.

It was Lindahl's first match since August 21, 2020. Then, just like now, she met Barcelona.