On the 13th, the international judo tournament "World Masters" was held in Qatar on the final day of the 5th class for men and women, and the women's 78kg class was nominated for the Tokyo Olympics. * Naori Hamada lost to the world champion in the final 2 It was a place.

The Judo World Masters is a tournament that is ranked next to the Olympics and World Championships, and nine athletes from Japan, including athletes who have been nominated for the Tokyo Olympics, have undergone two PCR tests before leaving Japan and are completely isolated in the field. I participated under strict infection prevention measures such as.

On the 13th, the women's 78 kg class on the final day of the tournament held in Qatar has been appointed as the representative of the Tokyo Olympics. * Hamada has been in the match since February last year and is said to have one of the best skills in the world. I won all three games and advanced to the final.

In the final, he played against Madeleine Malonga of France, who lost in the final of the adult world championship, and immediately after the start, he was deprived of his waza-ari by Osotogari and led.

* Hamada had a chance to take the opponent's arm and hold it down with less than two minutes remaining, but he could not decide and lost to the world champion again and finished second.

On the other hand, Hisayoshi Harasawa, who has been nominated to represent the Olympics in a class over 100 kg for boys, lost one to a Ukrainian player in the second round of the first round.

Harasawa couldn't stand up with his right shoulder hurt and was carried on a stretcher, and he was worried about his injury.

In this class, France's Teddy Riner

won the international tournament

for the first time in a year and three months,

and accumulated a great deal of points to

qualify for the Olympic Games, which aims to win the third consecutive title


In addition, Shoichiro Mukai, who has been nominated to represent the Olympics in the men's 90 kg class, lost to a Georgia player in the second round.

* "Hama" is made of "U crown", "eyebrows", and "eyes" are "shellfish".