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Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

The supporters of Feyenoord support their players.

Due to the many banners, the stands in De Kuip are still 'filled'.

Eredivisie · a few seconds ago

ADO-VVV and Fortuna-Sparta are now ready for rest.

The duels are not very high quality, and the goals are scarce.

Only VVV striker Georgios Giakoumakis finds the net by using a penalty against ADO, leading VVV 0-1 in The Hague.

In Sittard, the glasses position is still on the scoreboard.

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Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago


The duel between Feyenoord and PEC Zwolle is on its way.

The team from Rotterdam can take advantage of the defeat of PSV, in a victory they have passed the Eindhoven team.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

White-hot Dumfries: 'First half unworthy of PSV'

Denzel Dumfries is furious to say the least after the defeat against AZ.

"How is it possible that we play such a bad game? This was a justified defeat, we can blame ourselves", the PSV captain snarls afterwards.

"I don't think it's because of fatigue, but we just didn't start sharply. Then AZ has enough quality to punish that, they are tactically strong at that. In the first half we played unworthy of PSV, it really wasn't good. The title is still ambition, but it doesn't work out this way. Anyway, this is one match, we have to get our backs and on again. "

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

Koopmeiners: 'You need luck for great goals'

Teun Koopmeiners makes his tenth and eleventh league goal against PSV.

The second in particular is of great beauty, although he himself remains modest under it.

"It's nice that things are going like this, but in the end I don't care who makes them. You have to lengthen it so that if no one touches it, it invades. Then you have to be lucky, but you also need that with beautiful goals ", said Koopmeiners, who does not want to speak of a catch-up race of his team.

"No two weeks are the same in football. We have lost a lot of points before, we have to fight to make up for that."

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

AZ maintains a strong series in top players against PSV

AZ has


a nice series thanks to a 1-3 victory over PSV.

The Alkmaarders have now won six games in a row against clubs from the traditional top three.

Teun Koopmeiners helps the Alkmaarders with a well-used penalty kick and a world goal (heel over Yvon Mvogo) in the saddle.

After the break, a stronger PSV kept hope for at least a draw with a nice free kick by Philipp Max, but in the last minute Calvin Stengs decided the top match.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago


AZ beats PSV in Eindhoven 1-3 and wins for the sixth time in a row against a club from the traditional top three.

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PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

90 'GOAL AZ!


PSV's defeat is a fact, as Calvin Stengs ends the game.

The attacker dribbles in from the right and lashes with the left.

Via Jordan Teze the ball caramboles past Yvon Mvogo.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

89 'Max finds Boscagli's head with a corner, but Bizot is well positioned and has the ball stuck.

PSV's final offensive certainly does not shake AZ, the Eindhoven team are heading for a new loss of points.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

87 'Despite the gap, this is a wonderful moment at PSV.

After 983 days, Marco van Ginkel is finally a footballer again.

The midfielder comes in for his first game since May 16, 2018, who was also employed by PSV.

Since then he has been struggling with his knee, but now he's back.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

85 'PSV is feverishly looking for the equalizer to have at least one point left from this game, but AZ keeps the ranks closed, albeit occasionally with art and flying work.

Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

It remains a somewhat sad sight, an empty Kuip.

Thanks to the banners on the seats, the stands get at least some color.

😍 You will not see the stadiums much more beautiful in the corona period. @ Feyenoord⏰ 9 p.m. ESPN 2 # ⃣ #feypec


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PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

76 'PSV is still the parent party, but time is slowly but surely starting to run out.

It is also not as if the Eindhoven residents really put the knife to the throat, the Alkmaarders hold their own relatively easily.

ADO The Hague-VVV-Venlo · a few seconds ago

6 'GOAL VVV-Venlo!


Georgios Giakoumakis continues to score even after the winter break.

After his two hits against Willem II last weekend, the Greek also opens the score against ADO Den Haag.

The top scorer of the Eredivisie remains cool from eleven meters and signs for his thirteenth competition goal.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

70 'Koopmeiners makes an attempt to complete his hat-trick, but Mvogo is not surprised by the free in the short corner.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

Philipp Max cheers after his striking free kick.

The German left back has already scored his fourth goal of the season and is, together with Miguel Araujo (FC Emmen), Lutsharel Geertruida (Feyenoord) and George Cox (Fortuna Sittard), the most accurate defender in the Eredivisie.

In addition, Max is already good for five assists this season, the most of all defenders.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

65 'Ihattaren juggles past his husband and gives in hard.

The AZ defense gets the ball away just in time, before Malen can become dangerous.

PSV is a lot stronger in the second half, AZ is being pushed back more and more.

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ADO The Hague-VVV-Venlo · a few seconds ago

The match starts a little later.

The shirt of the ADO goalkeeper looks too much like the shirt of the VVV players.



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PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago



AZ has Teun Koopmeiners, but PSV also has a specialist for standard situations with Philipp Max.

The German left back shoots a free kick beautifully in the corner and thus provides the connection goal.

Eredivisie · a few seconds ago


The ball is also rolling in The Hague and Sittard, ADO-VVV and Fortuna-Sparta have started.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

51 'The intentions of PSV after the break are immediately clear.

Dumfries goes deep in a characteristic way and also gets the ball well played in between.

However, the cross from the right back ends up in the hands of Bizot.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

Those are not the least names that Teun Koopmeiners trumps there.

The midfielder fully lives up to his reputation as a specialist in penalty kicks and free kicks.

2️⃣1️⃣ - Most league goals from standard situations in the 5 major European competitions + Eredivisie since start 2019/2020 21 - Teun Koopmeiners (@AZAl Alkmaar) 20 - Ciro Immobile (SS Lazio) 19 - Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) #PSVAZ


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Feyenoord-PEC Zwolle · a few seconds ago

Tonight's last Eredivisie game will kick off at 9 p.m., which will be between Feyenoord and PEC.

Bryan Linssen is back at the kickoff for the team from Rotterdam, which means that Luis Sinisterra starts on the bench.

Lucas Pratto may also start, the Argentinian winter purchase is looking for his first goal for Feyenoord.

Line-up Feyenoord

: Marsman;

Geertruida, Spajic, Senesi, Malacia;

Fer, Diemers, Toornstra;

Berghuis, Pratto, Linssen.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

46 'Thomas stays behind in the PSV dressing room.

Mauro Júnior is his replacement.

The second half is on its way in Eindhoven!

Fortuna Sittard-Sparta Rotterdam a few seconds ago

Fortuna-Sparta is a duel between two teams that are doing remarkably well.

The Limburgers are thirteenth, the Rotterdammers even ninth.

Fortuna experienced a successful resumption after the winter break, with a 1-3 win over sc Heerenveen.

Sparta was less successful, losing 0-2 to fellow townsman Feyenoord.

Setup Fortuna Sittard

: Van Osch;

Tekie, Angha, Janssen, Cox;

Rienstra, Flemming, Rota;

Semedo, Polter, Hansson.

Sparta line-up

: Okoye;

Abels, Beugelsdijk, Heylen, Pinto;

Auassar, Mijnans, Harroui, Duarte;

Thy, English.

ADO The Hague-VVV-Venlo · a few seconds ago

At 8 p.m. the numbers fifteen (VVV) and sixteen (ADO) kick off for a mutual 'six-point duel' in The Hague.

The Limburgers have two points more than the Hagenaren.

Remarkable: both low flyers came out of the winter break with a victory.

VVV defeated Willem II 2-1, ADO dominated RKC 0-1. 

Setup ADO Den Haag

: Koopmans;

Van Ewijk, Janmaat, Kemper, Castillo;

Pinas, Vejinovic, Goossens;

Besuijen, Kramer, Kishna.  

VVV-Venlo setup

: Kirschbaum;

Dekker, Gelmi, Da Graca, Guwara;

Janssen, Post, Machach;

Van Crooij, Giakoumakis, John.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

Yvon Mvogo can fly whatever he wants, but sees the efforts of Koopmeiners go over him and end up in the goal.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

Teun Koopmeiners' brilliant 0-2 in the picture.


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PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago


Teun Koopmeiners makes the difference in this otherwise sluggish topper.

Thanks to a striking penalty and a world goal from the captain, AZ is halfway to 0-2 against PSV, which has not even come close to a goal.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

Ajax came back from 0-2 against PSV, now the Eindhoven players themselves are faced with the same deficit against AZ.

Can the people of Eindhoven make the same catch up as the people of Amsterdam?

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

Teun Koopmeiners is the big man at AZ with two goals.

As a result, the captain has already reached eleven league hits, an insane number for a midfielder.

And to think that the season is actually not even halfway through.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

39 'GOAL AZ!


What an unparalleled goal by Teun Koopmeiners!

The captain extends a corner from Jesper Karlsson with the heel and sees his bet fall over Yvon Mvogo into the goal.

Of course there is some luck, but it is really no coincidence that Koopmeiners makes such a goal.

It also has to do with the phenomenal ball feeling of the midfielder, who once again takes his team firmly by the hand.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

38 'Zahavi's loss of possession enables Stengs to launch Boadu again.

With combined forces, Teze and Boscagli manage to track down the striker and smother his efforts.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

Myron Boadu taps the ball past Yvon Mvogo, after which the PSV goalkeeper in turn will only hit the AZ attacker and cause a penalty kick.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

31 'GOAL AZ!


Teun Koopmeiners has already missed two this season, but is normally a certainty from eleven meters.

The AZ captain remains calm and gives Yvon Mvogo no chance to make up for his mistake.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

29 '

Penalty AZ!

Stengs launches the lightning-fast Boadu, who gets to the ball earlier than Mvogo.

The PSV keeper is too late and taps the AZ attacker upside down, the ball hits the dot.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

27 'Rosario slides Midtsjø down hard and receives the first yellow card of the match.

The Norwegian has to undergo an injury treatment, while the VAR is still checking whether that should not have been red.

The verdict is not, so it remains eleven against eleven.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

The poster may be beautiful, but the performance image that we have been presented with in Eindhoven so far is certainly not.

PSV and AZ are doing very little of it for the time being and seem to be mainly concerned with keeping the defense in order.

That makes football unworthy of a top match in the first quarter of the match.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

17 'Zahavi tries with a very optimistic shot from a distance.

The Israeli sees his bet bump about two meters off.

Both teams play very predictably for the time being and do not know how to create much offensively.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

13 'AZ's defense is not set up properly, so PSV can think of a counter.

However, the pass on the emerging Dumfries is not good, and the chance is lost.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

AZ equals a unique performance from the early eighties if it manages to win against PSV tonight.

The previous two duels with the Eindhoven team were won by the Alkmaarders.

The last and only time that AZ won three times in a row against PSV in the Eredivisie was between 1980 and 1981. AZ won the last five meetings with a team from the traditional top three and did not concede a single goal in those matches, so there is certainly a match for that record.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

Teun Koopmeiners was regularly worth gold for AZ in the first half of the season.

The Alkmaarders will also badly need their captain tonight.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago

6 'PSV has the most ball possession, but it is AZ that is the first to become threatening.

Boadu passes under a cross from Gudmundsson, but Karlsson can take the ball and shoot.

However, he does not get the ball past the forest of PSV defenders in front of him.

PSV-AZ · a few seconds ago


The top match in Eindhoven has started.

Will PSV and AZ also draw their second game of 2021, or can one of the two book the first win of the year?

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