China News Service, January 13th. In the early morning of the 13th, Beijing time, the 2021 Snooker Masters ended the third match day in Milton Keynes, England. The Chinese player Yan Bingtao, who participated in the event for the first time, was in 1:3, 3: In the desperate situation of 5 behind to win the championship favorite Neil Robertson, he saved the match point consecutively and won the deciding game, finally winning 6:5.

He will face Maguire in the quarterfinals.


Data map: Yan Bingtao in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yu Kun

  Yan Bingtao, 20 years old this year, won the 2019 Riga Masters Championship and became one of the elite players in the sport. Since then, he has continuously improved the world rankings with various excellent performances and finally was invited to participate in the world's 11th most prestigious. Snooker Masters.

  In fact, Robertson made a pretty good start. With 81 points and 121 points in a single stroke, he instantly established an advantage. Although the Chinese teenager responded with 123 points in a single stroke in the third game, "Melbourne Machine" Robertson still scored 82 points in a single stroke. The lead was 3:1 before the break.

  In the 5th game back from the break, Robertson failed to seal the victory with 52 points on a single stroke. Yan Bingtao scored the last pink ball to steal the victory and then smoothed out the disadvantage with a 64-point overshoot, 3:3.

However, Robertson reached the match point first with 85 points in a single stroke, but never crossed the finish line. Yan Bingtao single stroke with 65 points and 51 points continuously accumulated points to drag the game into the decisive game.

  In the 40-minute safety ball offensive and defensive battle, Yan Bingtao performed calmly. The safety ball was even better. Yan Bingtao took the lead, but the colored balls were all posted near the side library. Robertson was unable to clear one shot. In the end, Yan Bingtao scored 54:16. Win in the deciding game.

Data map: Yan Bingtao was interviewed by the media during the competition at the age of 17.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Yu Kun

  After the match, Yan Bingtao said: "I really didn't expect to be able to defeat Robertson, who just won the British Championship for the first time in the Masters. I played very well in the deciding game and I am very satisfied with the result. I will try my best in the next round. For, but this is beyond my tone, I will try to relax my mind and enjoy the game."

  The Masters is the most prestigious invitational event for professional snooker. Only the top 16 players in the world can participate. The 9th to 16th seeds of the tournament will be randomly drawn against the top 8 seeds of the tournament.

  However, the lineup of this year's Masters has undergone some changes before the game.

On the 10th Beijing time, the World Snooker Federation officially announced that Trump and Lisofs had tested positive for the new crown nucleic acid and withdrew from the Masters.

Joe Perry and Gary Wilson made up for the competition.

  In addition to Yan Bingtao, another Chinese star Ding Junhui will also participate in the Masters. He will face his old rival O'Sullivan in the first round.