In June last year, Erica Jarder jumped 6.61 meters.

It was her longest jump in five years.

Due to the corona pandemic, 2020 was a strange year for many athletes, including Erica Jarder.

There will be no indoor season for Jarder, who has motivation problems.

- It is the indoor season that I have thought I would skip and we will have to look ahead and take new steps, she says to Värmlands Folkblad.

The background to the decision is covid-19.

- I probably felt that I needed a little break and all the corona unrest has settled a bit on the motivation so it felt like this was the best.

To take a little break and exercise a little different and get some distance to it and find your way back to hunger again as well.

That's how I felt.

The sport looks a little different in corona times, she says.

"You have to stop"

Jarder does not think she has been alone with motivation problems.

- You have to stop in some way.

But it does not have to be negative either.

It could be that you take a slightly longer break and stop and evaluate things or do things a little differently than you usually do.

It is not always negative to change, so you should always be open because it brings positive improvements.

But there are probably many who struggle with motivation, says the long jumper.

Jarder does not know when she will compete next time, she has not set any long-term planning.

But the 34-year-old hopes to be back when the outdoor season starts in June.

And then the motivation should be at its peak.