Hammad: The national team provided a good response to Iraq that can be built upon

5 technical gaps ... and 3 positive indicators for "Al-Abyad" revealed by "Friendly Iraq."

  • Caio tries to skip the Iraqi defense during a friendly the day before yesterday.

    Photography: Osama Abu Ghanem


The Dutch coach, Marvik, launched his new career with the national team with a negative draw, the day before yesterday, against Iraq, at the conclusion of the first gathering that he held a week ago in Dubai, and through which he sought to know the potential of the players and try as many elements as possible, in preparation for the resumption of the qualifiers. Qualifying for the World Cup 2022 and Asia 2023.

The match was an important preparatory station, especially as it faces a large team like Iraq, and revealed five technical gaps, as well as three positive indicators, which the coach can take advantage of and work to correct in the coming period.

Among the most prominent gaps: the absence of the team's offensive effectiveness, after it failed to reach the goal of Iraq, despite the push by four forwards of the big names, namely: Fabio Lima and Caillou, on the right and left sides, and Ali Mabkhout, who played in the position of the outspoken striker, next to Khalfan Mubarak Maker Toys.

Despite this, these names did not pose a real threat to the defense of Iraq throughout the match, and it was striking the absence of the required harmony between the players, in addition to the lack of strong pressure on the opponent and the possession of the ball by the national team, in addition to the presence of poor handling of some players with air and accidental balls in Dangerous zone.

On the other hand, from the positive aspects, there was a slight improvement in the general shape of the team, compared to previous matches with the former coach, Colombian Pinto, especially at the level of defense, as he managed to greatly reduce the severity of the Iraq attack, which contributed to the team leaving with clean sheets, and this is in addition to Experience a number of young items.

The team’s supervisor, Muhammad Ubaid Hammad, said that the team gave a good response during the Iraq match that could be built upon in the next stage, stressing the importance of continuing the work until the team was ready for the next maturity, indicating that without a doubt that the technical staff had observations that came out of During the match he will work on it during the coming period.

And he stressed in a press statement that as long as they are present in this place, whether at the level of players or the technical and administrative staff, they must accept any criticism with open arms, stressing that these observations may be useful in their work, and he wished that the qualifiers would start on time, pointing out that The national team has another gathering during the next month.

Al-Sahlawi: The shape of the national team is reassuring, and the coach's fingerprint is clear

"The match was a real experience in front of a great team that has its name in Asia," the second vice president of the Football Association, head of the National Teams and Technical Affairs Committee, Youssef Al-Sahlawi, said in a press statement. He continued: "The beginning is good and encouraging, and it gave the players confidence that they have the best to present, and the form of the team." He was comfortable and this is the most important ».

Al-Sahlawi said that the friendly experience is the first for the coach, and there is still a lot of work. He explained: "The coach needs to see his players through these friendly experiences, and the truth is that the coach's fingerprint was evident in the match."

Technical gaps

1- The absence of offensive activity despite the involvement of four big-name attackers.

2 - Players do not exert strong pressure on the opponent and keep the ball.

3 - The lack of harmony between the elements of the national team.

4 - The continuing instability of the formation in Al-Abyadh.

5- Poor handling of air and accidental balls in the dangerous area.

Positive points

1 - The appearance of the national team in a good way compared to the previous period.

2- The absence of effective defensive mistakes, and the exit with a clean sheet.

3- The involvement of a large number of young elements.

Mabkhout: The coach was able to convey his idea and tactics to the players

The national team striker, Ali Mabkhout, said that despite the short period in which coach Marvik finally started his work with the national team, “he was able during the camp period to convey his idea and tactics to the players.” He stressed in a press statement that the Iraq match was a friendly experience, but the most important thing is The national team will present him in the official matches, and he explained that the goal for the players is to raise the name of the country, and that they apply what the coach wants, describing Marvik as a coach without a definition, and that he returned to train the national team with great enthusiasm.

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