On Tuesday, Kim Polling settled with competitor Sanne van Dijke in the battle for bronze at the Masters in Doha on Tuesday.

The 29-year-old judoka, who won her first tournament in thirteen months of judo in the Qatari capital, with waza-ari.

Polling, who lost in the quarterfinals to Australian Aoife Coughlan, put Van Dijke on her side after more than two minutes, after which she pulled her lead over the line.

Van Dijke, down in the semi-final against the later winner Yoko Ona, was unable to make it difficult for Polling.

Polling and Van Dijke compete together for one ticket to the Olympic Games next summer in Tokyo.

Four-time European champion Polling had already traveled to Doha without too high expectations due to her long absence.

"I'm not really starting from scratch, but it feels a bit like that," said Polling, who was recently infected with the corona virus, in the run-up to the tournament against NU.nl.

The Doha Masters, which started on Monday and will last until Wednesday, is the first measurement moment for the Dutch judokas towards the Olympic Games.

The Grand Slam in Tel Aviv (19 to 21 February) and the European Championship (16 to 18 April) will follow.

In each weight class, the Netherlands may only send one judoka to the Games.

De Wit in final up to 81 kilograms

In the class up to 63 kilograms, Sanne Vermeer won the bronze.

The 22-year-old Frisian took care of the Venezuelan Anriquelis Barrios in the battle for third place.

Vermeer, the only Dutch in this weight class, won on ippon.

She lost in the semifinals to the Japanese Nami Nabekura.

Geke van den Berg (first round) and Juul Franssen (second chances) were eliminated.

Frank de Wit, who is almost certain of participating in the Games, competes for gold in the men's class up to 81 kilograms.

The first Dutch medal in Doha was Monday for Tornike Tsjakadoea.

He took bronze in the category up to 60 kilograms.