Yesterday came the message: The big favorite Frida Karlsson breaks the Tour de Ski after the "chin injury".

- It did not feel worth risking anything, says Karlsson to SVT Sport and continues.

The 21-year-old says that for her part, yesterday started sadly.

"I sat and cried"

- But the team made an incomparable effort so it raised my mood, she says and continues.

- When Linn, Maja and Emma start with a triple, and then Oskar finishes by taking home all the shit.

I sat and cried in front of the toad.

Today begins the last day of the Tour de Ski - with the "killer hill".

And when the 21-year-old cannot compete on her own, she has another important task.

"Will scream me hoarse"

- The wall team has put me as the first wall manager and I will stand on the hill with such a radio mackerel pair, she says and continues.

- I'm going to scream hoarsely down the hill.

After the tour ends today, Karlsson's focus will be on the World Cup, which begins on February 23 in Germany.

- Now I will go home and do rehab and get back to the level I know I can reach, she says and continues.

- Then we will see what I put up for plan before the World Cup.