Due to the infection of the new coronavirus, Yokozuna Hakuho of the sumo wrestling has decided to close the first place, which will be the first day on the 10th.

Yokozuna Tsururyu will also be closed at the first place, so Yokozuna will be absent from the first day for three consecutive places.

On the 9th, the Japan Sumo Association held an initiative organization meeting at the Kokugikan in Tokyo and Ryogoku to decide the efforts for the first and second days of the first place starting on the 10th, and Yokozuna Hakuho was closed.

According to the Japan Sumo Association, Yokozuna Hakuho had an abnormality in his sense of smell, so when he underwent a PCR test for the new coronavirus, he was positive on the 5th of this month and was admitted to a hospital in Tokyo.

Hakuho is closed for the 18th time in 4 consecutive places.

Hakuho won the 44th championship in the spring of last year, which was the highest number in history, but after that, he was closed for the first time in three consecutive places due to the effects of surgery on his right knee.

After the place in November last year, the Yokotsuna Deliberation Committee received a resolution of "caution", which is the second heaviest after "retirement recommendation", saying that "there are too many holidays".

In December of last year, he participated in a joint training between Sekitori and took a sumo wrestling with Takakeishō Ozeki, and made vigorous adjustments to return to the first place, but was closed due to infection with the new coronavirus. Has been decided.

Yokozuna Tsururyu will be absent from the first day for three consecutive places because the condition of his injured waist does not recover and he will be closed at the first place.