During yesterday's stage in the Tour de Ski, Frida Karlsson finished eleven - half a minute behind the lead.

And yesterday she was unsure if she would start in today's sprint.

- I do not know ... In a way it is good to get the experience with competitions and so on but at the same time it is very frustrating not to get what I know I can, Frida Karlsson told SVT Sport after yesterday's stage.

"Wise to cancel the tour"

Now, with just over 40 minutes left until the start of the sprint, it is clear that Frida Karlsson will break the Tour de Ski.

"Frida Karlsson can unfortunately not continue this year's Tour De Ski.

She can currently not do herself justice and in order not to risk the rest of the season, the wisest decision is to cancel the competition.

Frida has made the decision together with the medical team and the coaching team ", writes the national team manager Anders Byström in a statement.

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Frida Karlsson.

Photo: Bildbyrån