During his first training at Racing Murcia, Royston Drenthe mainly stood out because of his weight.

"I now go on a diet first, because I always eat a lot at Christmas," said the single international of Orange.

Drenthe made the switch this week from Second Division club Kozak Boys to Racing Murcia, which is the leader at the fourth level in Spain.

The 33-year-old former player from Feyenoord, Real Madrid and Everton, among others, wants to breathe new life into his career.

"I won't be playing this weekend, but I'm going to prepare for the rest of the season", Drenthe told

Cardena Ser


"I have to lose about three kilos, I'll start with a diet on Monday."

During his first training at the Southern Spanish club, it was noticeable that Drenthe had a decent belly.

"I always eat a lot at Christmas. My aunts cook deliciously, how can I not eat much?" Said the Rotterdammer.



Este es ahora Drenthe El tiempo no perdona a algunos.



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'I have seven children with four women, but now I'm single'

Drenthe has not played any games since October, because the amateur competition in the Netherlands was stopped due to the corona crisis.

"We couldn't train either", says Drenthe.

"That's why I'm going to build it up step by step here."

Drenthe stood out more in his career for his dissolute lifestyle than for his football performances.

"I have a son and six daughters with four different women. But now I have become single and calmer," he said.

He takes his stay in Spain seriously.

"I'm not here to joke. I hope to have convinced the club at the end of the season so that they want to continue with me."