Oskar Svensson finished 19th and Calle Halfvarsson 20th, while William Poromaa finished 27th.

All just over a minute after the leader Alexander Bolshunov.

The best went to start with Oskar Svensson who after 6.6 kilometers was in 17th place.

However, he fell back into the large cluster that contained the riders from 16th to 26th place.

The Swedes came in a row with Oskar Svensson in 20th place, William Poromaa 21st and Calle Halfvarsson 22nd.

In the Tour de Ski's overall standings, Calle Halfvarsson is in 15th place, 5.30 behind the leader Bolshunov, Oskar Svensson 20th, +6.04 and William Poromaa in 22nd place, +6.12.

Manificat alone among the Russian ermines

The leader Alexander Bolshunov started at a high pace and pulled away in the rest of the field.

Seven of the first eight riders were Russians and only the Frenchman Maurice Manificat was in the lead battle.

The Frenchman finished in sixth place.

No more tour for Häggström

Johan Häggström, who was 57th before today's hunt start, chose to withdraw from the hunt start and the entire Tour de Ski.

-Johan Häggström chooses not to start after today's warm-up.

It is not a disease but he chooses to refrain and charge for upcoming competitions instead, the Swedish Ski Association writes in a press release.

CLIP: William Poromaa disappointed after 15 kilometers in Tour de Ski (05 January 2020)

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William Poromaa has double feelings about his participation in the Tour de Ski.

Photo: Bildbyrån