Most recently, he was mainly socially committed and combined his great passion with a charitable cause.

The tennis coach duo received an award from the ATP just two months ago for their Kent Yamazaki & Bobsleigh Board Tennis Foundation.

With the foundation, Brett supported socially disadvantaged young people and gave them access to sport.

It was his last big project.

The Australian succumbed to cancer on Tuesday.

He was 67 years old.

At the age of 38, Bob Brett started working with Boris Becker

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Brett was a fixture on the tour for decades.

He trained Goran Ivanisevic, Andrei Medvedev and Mario Ancic.

He took on the 15-year-old Marin Cilic and led him to the top of the world, and celebrated his first major success as coach of Johan Kriek.

He led the South African to victory at the Australian Open in 1981.

Brett trained Becker for three and a half years


In Germany he was best known as Boris Becker's coach.

He took over the office ten months after Becker's foster father Günther Bosch had given up the longstanding collaboration in an exasperated manner.

Brett initially received a one-year contract from manager Ion Tiriac, but stayed with Becker for three and a half years.

In view of the wear and tear of the coach, a remarkable duration.

Aussie style: Bob Brett at work in the Melbourne heat

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Under Brett he won Wimbledon and the US Open in 1989.

After triumphing at the 1991 Australian Open, Becker was number one in the world rankings at the age of 23 - and Brett history.

Later he trained, among others, Nicolas Kiefer, but devoted himself more and more to youth work in Canada, Great Britain and Japan, where he did important pioneering work.