After Sunday's hunt start in Val Müstair, Switzerland, the Tour de Ski moved on to Toblach, Italy, where a new corona test was conducted.

After the sampling, Alexandre Rousselet has been quarantined, reports the French newspaper Nordic.

- I was worried that this would happen to us, he says to the newspaper.

"I hope I do not pass it on to anyone"

France's national team has got off to a great start on the tour and has four skiers in the top ten on the men's side: Maurice Manificat (3), Clement Parisse (7), Jean Marc Gaillard (9) and Adrien Backscheider (10).

- We have always taken precautionary measures so I hope I do not transfer it to anyone else, says Rousselet.

Swedish long distance star Frida Karlsson, who is third and is one of the favorites to take home the tour title, is worried about the news.

- We did a test yesterday.

You're a little fussy.

It feels like at some point maybe someone in Sweden will go there as well and then it is uncertain what will happen to the rest of the team, she says to TT and continues:

"Of course there is some concern"

- And if you get it, what happens then?

It is clear that there is some concern, but at the same time we have managed so far.

It feels like we are careful about what we do and how we handle this situation, so I still feel safe.

In Toblach, 10/15 kilometers are run in freestyle on Tuesday and 10/15 kilometers hunt start in classic style on Wednesday.

Then the tour ends with three races in Val di Fiemme on January 8-10.

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Frida Karlsson finished third at the start of the hunt in the Tour de Ski.

Photo: Bildbyrån.