Björgen - the world's best cross-country skier of all time was an expert at Norwegian TV2 during the Tour de Ski, thought that Frida Karlsson's tactics were suitable for the Americans who during the whole race could be behind the Swede when she chased leading Linn Svahn.

-You could see that Frida wanted a high tempo and pulled in three of the four laps.

It suited those behind, they were not asked to get up and pull once, Björgen analyzes.

Björgen believes that tactics are something you learn the older you get.

- This is her first tour.

She had probably hoped to get a gap, but it got too tough.

You learn as long as you live.

Dragvillig Karlsson had to give up before the riot:

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Frida Karlsson finished third at the start of the hunt in the Tour de Ski.

Photo: Bildbyrån.