According to Expressen, the national team was asked to be careful to wear mouth guards during the competition at the team leader meeting on Friday.

- Yesterday it was just warnings, but today we will pay a fine and if people do not follow the rules, we will take their accreditation for the rest of the tour, Mignerey says when Expressen's envoy meets him outside the jury room in Val Müstair.

Mignerey himself has been out taking photos to gather evidence, something that the Swedish national team manager Anders Byström noted.

- I now saw that Pierre Mignerey was out taking pictures with his mobile phone a little hidden at the chest today so there may be some who hear from Fis today, Byström says.

According to Expressen, the Russian stars Natalya Neprjajeva and Julia Stupak are two of the riders who did not follow the pandemic regulations on wearing mouth guards.

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