Most notably a record 82% acquisition

7 numbers make Al-Ahly youth taste the "Al Wasl tie" with the taste of loss

Eduardo saved Shabab Al-Ahly from losing to Al Wasl.

Photography: Osama Abu Ghanem

The Shabab Al-Ahly team continued its negative results, after failing to win the fifth match in a row, by tying with Al Wasl with two goals for each team, the day before yesterday, at Al Wasl Stadium in Zabeel, with the conclusion of the 12th round of the Gulf Arab League matches, while the "Emperor" presented one of the best His matches since the beginning of the season, and he also managed to overcome the numerical shortage due to the dismissal of Abdel Rahman Saleh, in addition to the absence of his most prominent star, Fabio Lima.

The "Dubai Derby" witnessed seven figures that make Shabab Al-Ahly taste a draw with a taste of loss, most notably: a historic acquisition of 82%, according to professional association statistics, compared to 18% for Al Wasl.

He did not take advantage of the numerical shortage in Al Wasl, after he played a full match with 10 players, after Abdulrahman Saleh was sent off since the eighth minute for strongly interfering with Majid Hassan, while arbitration analyst Muslim Ahmed confirmed to Abu Dhabi Sports Channel that the decision is incorrect, and that the maximum penalty the player deserves is a warning .

Shabab Al-Ahly did not take advantage of the numerical shortage in the ranks of Al Wasl, although the referee counted six minutes of lost time in the first half, and five minutes in the second half, bringing the total of minutes played by 10 players Al Wasl is 91 minutes.

He also did not take advantage of the absence of three main players in Al Wasl, namely: Lima, Ali Saleh and Muhammad Sabil.

Al-Wasl advanced in the first 15 minutes with two goals through the brilliant Figredo, while the numerical shortage contributed to its decline in the second half.

The fourth number is that Al-Ahly's youth hit 26 times, resulting in only two goals, and its players passed 642 passes with high accuracy of 90%, compared to 148 passes to Al-Wasl, with an accuracy of 56%. Despite this, the effectiveness of "Dubai Knights" was very weak, while Its players played 54 crosses, an average of crosses every two minutes.

The 7 numbers

82% is the percentage of acquisition by Al-Ahly youth.

91 minutes was played by Al Wasl with 10 players, after Abdul Rahman Saleh was sent off.

Three significant absences among Al Wasl's ranks, most notably Lima and Ali Saleh.

26 shots by Shabab Al-Ahly resulted in only two goals.

642 balls passed by Shabab Al-Ahly players compared to 148 balls for Al-Wasl.

90% accuracy of Shabab Al-Ahly's passes, compared to weak effectiveness in front of the goal.

54 crosses executed by Shabab Al-Ahly players, at the rate of a cross every two minutes.

Hillman: Al Wasl deserved to win despite the shortage

The Brazilian coach, Oder Hillman, praised the performance of Al Wasl players despite the draw against Shabab Al-Ahly with two goals for each team, after the "Emperor" advanced with two goals without a response in the first 15 minutes of the match, explaining that the "Panthers" had deserved victory despite the numerical shortage, and the team played with 10 players. After Abdul Rahman Saleh was sent off in the eighth minute of the match.

Hillman said in a press conference: "We played a very good match, and Al Wasl players deserve to be greeted after the great effort they made, especially since it was a difficult match against a strong team, and despite the numerical shortage, my team deserved to win."

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