Chinanews Client Beijing, January 1st. On the last night of 2020, as the New Year is approaching, another important moment in the history of the Winter Olympics has ushered in: Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games sports icons Official release-this marks new progress in the preparation of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Image source: Official Weibo of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

  At the 2021 Winter Olympics Universal New Year's Eve Ice and Snow Ceremony held that evening, representatives from the sports and literary circles jointly launched the icon release device.

A huge "icon wall" appeared on the screen, and sports icons for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics were unveiled as a whole.

  Sports icons are the "prescribed actions" of previous Olympic Games, and are the graphical interpretation of sports events.

The sports icons of the previous Olympic Games have embodied the unique creative design, concept and cultural background of the host country and the host country.

  There are 30 sports icons for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, including 24 sports icons for the Beijing Winter Olympics and 6 sports icons for the Beijing Winter Paralympics.

The icon design uses Chinese characters as the source of inspiration and seal carving art as the main presentation form. It combines winter sports elements with traditional Chinese culture. It not only shows the characteristics of winter sports that challenge oneself and pursue excellence, but also embodies the weight of traditional Chinese culture. And profound, demonstrates the philosophy and vision of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

The icon uses Xiaguang red as the background color, which symbolizes the sunrise in the east, represents enthusiasm and hope, and also sets off a festive atmosphere for the Beijing Winter Olympics to be held during the Spring Festival.

  According to reports, the sports icons released this time echo the design concept of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games emblem "China Seal".

Both are seal styles, and both have chosen the form of seal cutting, which is not only the unique cultural imprint left to the world by the "Double Olympic City", but also reflects the cultural heritage of the Olympic Movement.

The difference is that this time the icon puts more emphasis on the "Han Yin" style. Through the calligraphy brushwork embodied by the blade and the exquisite whiteness of the square inches, the calligraphy and engraving are combined to convey a long tradition and vivid charm that spans thousands of years.

  It is understood that the design of the sports icons lasted about half a year. The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee formed a dedicated design team. After repeated discussions, revisions, creativity, and soliciting suggestions for revisions from various international winter sports federations, the final draft was finalized.

The International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, and the various international winter sports federations all gave high praise to the sports icons of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics.

  After the release of the sports icon, it will be widely used in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games landscapes, instruction systems, tickets, television broadcasting, news promotion, market development and other fields. (Finish)