China News Service, January 1st. The official announcement of the 2021 C&D Xiamen Marathon has been postponed, and the "Run All Over China-2021 C&D Xiamen Marathon Online Race" has no change in plan, and will be scheduled in January 2021. The cloud started running on the 3rd.

Screenshot of the online registration page

  The deadline for registration of this online competition is January 16, 2021, and the competition time is from January 3 to January 16, 2021. The competition includes 3 kilometers, 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers, half marathons and full marathons.

  In addition, the surroundings of the official events of this Xiamen Marathon are also very ingenious, including the "Horse to Success" Lishifeng, "Running Xiamen, Love Xiamen" hand-painted puzzle, "Run'Xia' together" metal bookmark and 18th anniversary Xiamen commemorative medal set ; The Organizing Committee of "Run All Over China" prepared New Year surprises for the general runners, including brand equipment and New Year greeting cards. As long as you sign up, you will have a chance to get them.

  In addition, all finishers will receive a certificate of performance certified by the Chinese Athletics Association, and their results will be included in the online database of the Chinese Athletics Association.

  The All-China Online Marathon Series is the first time hosted by the China Athletics Association. It has joined hands with the sports authorities of 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country to create an online + offline national fitness IP. Through more than 1,000 events throughout the year, it has Innovative and integrated game play methods have gradually illuminated China's territory, attracting many people to participate in running fitness activities, leading national fitness, and promoting national health.

  Since the start of the race on October 22, the Organizing Committee of "Run All Over China" has attracted more people to participate in the whole people by increasing the number of events, upgrading the gameplay, continuing to send benefits to runners, and organizing charity activities to help young people grow up healthily. Fitness exercise is coming.

At present, "Run All over China" has become the first online marathon for many runners to participate in daily exercise.