There are high school students who are free to use the difficult dunks that can only be seen in dunk shoot competitions.

This is Jun-Seok Yeo, a 2nd grader at Yongsan High School.

Reporter Hyung-Yeol Kim met the best prospect with a different level of strength and skill.


During a game, the windmill dunk was put down as if the rim would break, and the teammates were surprised to hold their heads.

[Junseok Yeo/Yongsan High School 2nd grader: I think it's best to take a dunk shot.

('Windmill' is a colleague) They said they didn't expect.

Because I did it suddenly.]

Jun-seok Yeo, a 2nd year student at Yongsan High School, is 2m 3cm tall and boasts an overwhelming presence with tremendous elasticity.

When jumping, the maximum height reaches 3m 50cm, which is 40cm or more higher than the rim, and the in-place jump is 83cm, which is the overwhelming first place compared to the KBL rookies, 10cm higher than the NBA overall average.

Professional players who have played practice matches with Yeo Jun-seok are also surprised.

[Jeon Tae-pung/Former professional basketball player: Jun Seok-ah, you are different from other domestic players.

Your goal is different from other domestic players' goals (should be).


I'll look forward to it~]

Joon-Seok Yeo, who finished the middle school stage after 1 year of learning basketball, grew up further by raising his personal skills at the Australian NBA camp for about a year after entering high school.

[ 'Physical' (only the physical abilities lead) include because I think that I limit (abroad went) there will jotahjin many things like "moving shots" or outside defense gatgoyo]

over junseok two won under evaluation that preside over in the right professionals for It is growing rapidly toward a dream.

[Being a national team was a dream I had always had from the start of basketball, and I want to challenge myself to look like a foreign (league) later.]

(Video coverage: Kim Won-bae, video editing: Nam Il, screen provided: YouTube Executive Joon)