Statistics for "referees": "Technology" has made 45 correct decisions

9 wrong decisions by the "mouse" during the season ... including 6 penalties

  • Stadium judges continue to learn from the flaws associated with "mouse" technology.

    Photography: Osama Abu Ghanem

  • The "Mouse Technology Protocol" symposium was moderated by Dokhi, in the presence of Bujisim and Sahlawi.

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The statistics announced by the FIFA Referees Committee regarding video technology decisions during the current season revealed that the “mouse” technology had taken 45 correct decisions, while the number of wrong decisions reached nine, although video technology was used to verify them.

The statistic did not specify the matches in which the errors occurred, or the clubs affected by them.

The federation organized, the day before yesterday, a seminar on video referee technology protocol, with the aim of developing the performance of stadium judges in the coming period, in the presence of the second vice president of the federation Yusef al-Sahlawi, the former World Cup referee, advisor to the referees committee, Ali Bujisim, the assistant secretary general for technical affairs Ibrahim al-Nimr, and members of the referees committee : Saleh Al Marzouki, Hamad Bin Hanifa, and Ibrahim Al Mansouri.

The total of the decisions, during which the video technology was used, reached 54 cases this season, with 45 correct decisions, and nine wrong ones, as at the level of penalty kicks, 14 penalty kicks were counted, three were canceled, and wrong decisions included six penalty kicks, either not It is calculated or calculated and is incorrect.

At the expulsion level, the "mouse" was awarded six red cards, and two cases were canceled, while a wrong dismissal decision was calculated. As for the goals, 11 goals were counted, and nine were canceled, in contrast two incorrect goals were counted.

The Director of the Saudi Referees Department, Ali Al-Tarifi, reviewed a detailed report on the cases in all matches in the past period, and presented statistics with the aim of developing the performance of referees in various competitions, stressing that technology has contributed significantly to reducing errors, compared to the past period.

He revealed the activities undertaken by the Referees Department to equip the stadium judges for the current season, starting with remote training, workshops and training courses and the outdoor camp in Serbia, in addition to weekly trainings and lectures, specialized video technology courses, and other programs.

Al-Tarifi said during the seminar: "The presence of video technology does not mean that the errors have completely ended, and the experience is still new, and the application protocol is still in the process of continuous updating."

He explained that the referees management, and through continuous and direct follow-up from the referees committee headed by Ali Hamad, is working according to scientific foundations in qualifying referees to use technology, through specialized workshops in the presence and supervision of a group of lecturers accredited to the International Federation of FIFA.

On the other hand, the main session, moderated by the technical director of the referees Khaled Dokhi, with the participation of the second vice president of the federation, Youssef Al-Sahlawi, and the former World Cup, Ali Bujisim, witnessed a discussion about the Emirati whistle, which proved its distinction on the local, regional and continental arena, and the efforts made by the Football Association to develop Arbitration system, as it is one of the important and basic elements of the game, and during the session all inquiries related to arbitration aspects were answered.

The symposium also witnessed a practical application and a precise explanation about the mechanism of video technology using the technology cart, where the methods of checking arbitration cases were reviewed, how to make the appropriate decision for each case, and the communication process between the arena referee and the video judges.

The most prominent "mouse" decisions this season

Penalties awarded: 14.

Penalties canceled: 3.

Wrong decisions for penalty kicks: 6.

- Cases of expulsion granted: 6.

Canceled cases: 2.

Incorrect expulsions: 1.

Goals calculated: 11

Goals Canceled: 9.

Incorrect goals calculated: 2.

• The statistic did not specify the matches in which the errors occurred, or the clubs affected by them.

• “Referees Management” confirms that the existence of video technology does not mean that errors are completely eliminated, and that the protocol for the application is still in the process of continuous updating.

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