Men's Volleyball Korean Air is running alone in the lead without foreign players.

The 21-year-old scary new player Lim Dong-hyuk, who has grown rapidly from nomination to an ace, is leading the high altitude flight.

This is Yoo Byung-min.


Lim Dong-hyuk's appearance was literally'shock'.

Due to the injury of foreigner Gupo Vijena, she suddenly took over as the main light from this month, hitting more than 23 points per game and emitting tremendous firepower.

With a height of 2m 1cm and overwhelming power, it is virtually acting as a'foreigner'.

In the face-to-face battle with KB Insurance's Keita, which is called the'monster', he also led the lead Korean Air's 6th consecutive victory by hitting 32 points, an individual highest, against the second place OK Savings Bank yesterday (23rd).

Since he was a foreigner's light position, he had to keep the bench for three years after his debut, but Dong-hyuk Lim, who has steadily built up his strength and skills without disappointment, rose brilliantly from the opportunity he came across by chance.

[Lim Donghyuk/Korean Air: When I first joined the company, I weighed about 80kg at this height (2m 1cm), but now I am 100kg.



like I've gained strength on my own because I have gained muscle.] Although

Korean Air recently recruited a new foreigner Yosbani, Lim Dong-hyuk is full of confidence.

[Dong-Hyek Lim / KAL: should a competitor, I think I become proficient more may increase each other in skills also much increased if while these synergies come alive quite positive than negative -

Large Light Dong-Hyek Lim appeared a long time since the Moon Sung-min, bakcheolwoo the We are excited about the stagnant Korean men's volleyball.

(Video coverage: Kim Heung-ki, video editing: Park Chun-bae)