At a time when everything is not as it used to be, curling fans can look forward to an all-Swedish championship duel in Härnösand on February 7, when the Swedish Championships should actually have been decided.

At one stone: team Hasselborg, Olympic gold medalist 2018 and nominated for the Jerring Prize 2020.

In others: team Edin, four-time world champion and European Championship gold medalist seven times.

- It will be so much fun to meet our friends.

It's a bit of a dream to try to play against one of the world's best men's teams, says Anna Hasselborg to SVT Sport.

"Have every chance"

How does she think it will go?

- Of course we have the chance, but if we had played ten matches they would probably have won more.

But now we are only going to play one so we have all the chances in the world.

The challenger match is broadcast on SVT and will be part of team Hasselborg's recharging before the World Cup in Schaffhausen, Switzerland in March.

- We welcome all the chances we get where you can feel a little heat and a little nervousness because that is exactly what we have missed during the pandemic, says Anna Hasselborg.

The challenger match will be played over eight rounds.

Never met

The Swedish teams have never met before.

- On the other hand, we have mixed the teams and met each other, but never our entire women's team against their men's team.

So it is clear that there will be some prestige.

No one wants to be teased for this loss, says Anna Hasselborg.

Is there a risk of trash talk?

- (Laughter) No, I think it's going to be pretty civilized.

We are very good friends.

And I have to honestly say that I'm not that good at trash talk so we will probably praise each other more than talk down each other, says Hasselborg.

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That is why Sweden is a supermarket in curling