He is not surprised that it is precisely AIK's old gold coach - who was fired from "Gnaget" this summer - who will turn the negative winds in Norrköping.

- It has been rumored that Norling will actually go there for quite some time.

It feels quite natural that he should be high on their list, so you are not exactly shocked, says Nannskog.

Norrköping has recently been shaken by several dropouts where people with important roles have left.

On Saturday, the news also came that head coach Jens Gustafsson is leaving the club and stars such as Simon Thern and Sead Haksabanovic have hesitated about their future at the club.

- Now it's about calming the whole club, not just the players but the board and fans.

It really is a club in disintegration, says Daniel Nannskog and continues:

- I think the important thing now is that there will be peace and quiet.

There, Norling can be involved in creating the faith and calm that is needed, because it has been extremely messy.

There will be no shrimp sandwich for Norling.

Now it is important that no more people escape the team and that he can quickly show a belief in the future for the team.

ARCHIVE: Norling fired from AIK (27 July 2020)

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Rikard Norling is fired from AIK.

Photo: TT