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PSV-VVV · in 4 days

22 'GOAL VVV-Venlo!


What suddenly happens in Eindhoven?

VVV is completely against the ratio in the lead against PSV.

Vito van Crooij breaks through on the right flank and lets an excellent cross from his right leg leave towards Jafar Arias, who taps in from close range 0-1.

PSV can get started.

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

75 'GOAL FC Utrecht!


There is the coveted goal for FC Utrecht and it is credited to Adrián Dalmau.

Right winger Gyrano Kerk beats his opponent for speed and delivers an excellent cross, which Dalmau taps in from close range and scores his first goal of the season.

The Spaniard, who has been hit many times this season by injuries, has a weight off his shoulders.

PSV-VVV · in 4 days

PSV is constantly looking for openings, but the home team is unable to breach the dark blue wall of VVV-Venlo in the opening quarter.

VVV goalkeeper Thorsten Kirschbaum has not yet had to make a rescue.

in 4 days

PSV-VVV · in 4 days

12 'PSV seems to be doing business quickly against VVV-Venlo, because the team from Eindhoven grab their opponent by the throat when the ball is immediately lost in the enemy half.

That's how trainer Roger Schmidt likes to see it.

The German is the so-called 'full throttle football' for.

According to that doctrine, the opponent must continuously gasp for breath.

PSV-VVV · in 4 days

8 'The proportions quickly become apparent in the Philips Stadium.

PSV dictates the game and VVV-Venlo limits itself to defending.

The 0-13 record defeat against Ajax is probably haunted by the Limburgers.

Never again, VVV coach Hans de Koning must have thought.

PSV-VVV · in 4 days

5 'There is the first possibility of PSV against VVV-Venlo.

Denzel Dumfries decides to give an early cross to Cody Gakpo, who understands the action of the right back and can put his foot against the ball.

The striker only lacks some sharpness.

He slides the ball wide.

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

60 'GOAL FC Utrecht!


FC Utrecht comes out of the dressing room furiously and that results in the equalizer in the first fifteen minutes of the second half.

Gyrano Kerk focuses on the goal and after a carom the ball lands at the feet of midfielder Joris van Overeem, who does not fail for an empty goal.

PSV-VVV · in 4 days


The starting signal from referee Sander van der Eijk has sounded.

PSV-VVV-Venlo is on its way.

in 4 days

PSV-VVV · in 4 days

A heartwarming action by PSV around the home game against VVV.

Supporters could have a lantern placed in the stadium for a small fee to commemorate loved ones who passed away in 2020.

The entire Philips Stadium is filled with lanterns.

PSV-VVV · in 4 days

Donyell Malen gets a rest in view of the tough schedule in the second half of the competition, trainer Roger Schmidt reports to

FOX Sports

prior to the duel with VVV-Venlo


The club top scorer of the Eindhoven team is therefore already on holiday.

PSV-VVV · in 4 days

Can VVV-Venlo score a victory over the Eindhoven team for the first time in 33 meetings with PSV?

These eleven players have to do it for trainer Hans de Koning, who has not won five league games in a row.

VVV-Venlo setup:


Pachonik, Schmitz, Kum, Schaefer;

Van Crooij, Post, Linthorst, Hunte;

Arias, Giakoumakis.

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

FC Emmen is leading in an Eredivisie game for the first time since 1 November.

At the time, Michael de Leeuw put Emmen on a 2-1 lead against Feyenoord.

That game was eventually lost 2-3.

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days


FC Emmen is surprisingly in the lead against FC Utrecht in-house.

The Drenten are still behind due to the first goal by Eljero Elia for FC Utrecht, but thanks to fantastic shots by Miguel Araujo and Lucas Bernadou, the scoreboard shows De Oude Meerdijk 2-1.

in 4 days

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

43 'GOAL FC Emmen!


Miguel Araujo's goal was beautiful, but Lucas Bernadou surpasses his teammate with a great shot from 25 meters.

Mark van der Maarel just slides the ball into Bernadou's feet and the Frenchman skips the ball through the inside of the post behind FC Utrecht goalkeeper Eric Oelschlägel.

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

38 'So!

Gyrano Kerk is released with a pass from Mark van der Maarel and the right winger tries his luck from more than 25 meters.

The ball kisses the bar above FC Emmen goalkeeper Dennis Telgenkamp.

It goes up and down at De Oude Meerdijk.

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

It is a pity that the stands at De Oude Meerdijk are not filled, because supporters go to the stadium for matches like this one.

FC Emmen and FC Utrecht make it a fight to the death and fight for every meter.

It results in an open match, with many opportunities, goals and highlights.

The score is still 1-1.

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

34 ' 


On the other hand, FC Emmen is close to the lead.

The Frenchman Lucas Bernadou is cleverly released and the midfielder pulls the trigger from about 20 meters.

The bar prevents the 2-1 for the home team.

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

33 'Bart Ramselaar has to put FC Utrecht on 1-2 here.

The attacking midfielder only shows up for FC Emmen goalkeeper Dennis Telgenkamp and wants to do it too well.

His attempt - a cross between a shot and a marker - passes.

in 4 days

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

27 'GOAL FC Emmen!


Immediately after the 0-1, FC Emmen is on a level with FC Utrecht and does it very nicely.

Miguel Araujo paints a free kick from about 20 meters in the top corner.

What a gem of a goal.

The troubled FC Utrecht can start again.

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

22 'GOAL FC Utrecht!


FC Utrecht takes the lead at De Oude Meerdijk halfway through the first half.

It is Eljero Elia who scores his first goal in the service of the Domstedelingen.

He finds the far corner of FC Emmen goalkeeper Dennis Telgenkamp.

Is René Hake going to book his first victory as coach of FC Utrecht?

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

FC Emmen and FC Utrecht hardly know how to inspire at the Oude Meerdijk and have not yet come up with opportunities.

It is therefore not surprising that the score is still 0-0.

PSV-VVV · in 4 days

Malen and Rosario are missing from PSV

Donyell Malen and Pablo Rosario are missing from PSV's match selection for the home game against VVV-Venlo (kick-off at 8 p.m.).

Rosario has been suspended, while the reason for the absence of the club top scorer has not been reported.

Malen is replaced by Noni Madueke at the point of the attack.

Jorrit Hendrix is ​​the replacement for Rosario.

PSV line-up: 


Dumfries, Teze, Boscagli, Max;

Sangaré, Hendrix;

Ihattaren, Götze;

Madueke, Gakpo.

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

2 'Justin Hoogma is already close to the lead for FC Utrecht.

The defender heads just wide from a corner kick.

The tone has been set at De Oude Meerdijk.

in 4 days

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days


The ball rolls at De Oude Meerdijk for FC Emmen-FC Utrecht.

Who will take the coveted three points in the football capital of Drenthe?

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

If one person needs a win, it is FC Utrecht coach René Hake.

Since he took over from John van den Brom, who left for KRC Genk at the beginning of November, the Domstedelingen have not won.

During the winter break, the FC Utrecht club management will assess whether they will continue with the tukker for longer.

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

The look into the Eredivisie now goes to FC Emmen-FC Utrecht, two clubs that could use a victory particularly well.

FC Emmen has not yet won at all this season, while FC Utrecht's last victory dates from October 24 (at home against FC Twente).

The supporters of the Drenten have made a fun banner to encourage the players.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

Fortuna only passes RKC in injury time

Fortuna Sittard is doing good business in the battle for enforcement in the Eredivisie.

In his last league match of 2020, the team of interim trainer Sjors Ultee wins 2-1 against RKC Waalwijk.

RKC takes the lead after twenty minutes via Finn Stokkers, after which Fortuna hits the equalizer on the stroke of half time due to a debatable goal by Sebastian Polter, who escapes offside.

Only in injury time does Fortuna express the predominance in the score, when Lisandro Semedo shoots in after a solo.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

90 + 7 'How can that ball not come in?

RKC substitute Vitalie Damascan gets the ball with some luck and has to make it 2-2 from close range, but he finds the foot of Fortuna goalkeeper Yanick van Osch.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

90 + 2 'GOAL Fortuna Sittard!


Lisandro Semedo gives Fortuna Sittard the victory in injury time!

George Cox launches Semedo with a banana pass and the attacker nicely punctures the ball behind RKC goalkeeper Kostas Lamprou.

The lead is fully deserved for the dominant Limburgers.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

90 ' 

Referee Marc Nagtegaal adds no less than eight minutes in Sittard


Due to the injury treatment for Kostas Lamprou and Roel Janssen, the game has been halted for a long time and Nagtegaal makes up for the lost time until the last second.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

Fortuna Sittard pushes the accelerator deeper and deeper and has RKC completely under control in the second half.

It is actually a matter of waiting for the coveted 2-1 for the Limburgers.

Is it still in the castle quarter in Sittard?

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

74 'Kostas Lamprou has a lot of trouble with a direct free kick from Zian Flemming.

The striker's mop ball just bounces in front of the little Greek goalkeeper of RKC, who with an extreme effort gets his fingertips behind the ball and whips the toy out of his goal.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

70 'How do you get it next ?!

Sebastian Polter can head in Zian Flemming's measured cross for an empty goal, but Fortuna Sittard's club top scorer knows how to achieve not to score.

It is better to head this ball wide than in the goal of RKC Waalwijk.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

68 'Zian Flemming has the 2-1 on the shoe for Fortuna Sittard, but things do not go smoothly for the striker today.

He shoots through a player of RKC Waalwijk next to Kostas Lamprou's goal.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

67 'Roel Janssen escapes here from his second yellow card of the match.

The defender of Fortuna Sittard deliberately hits the ball with his arm to smother a promising attack by RKC Waalwijk.

Referee Marc Nagtegaal keeps his cards in his pocket, to the dismay of the players of RKC Waalwijk.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

Fortuna Sittard and RKC Waalwijk will have the best intentions, but the entertainment value of this game in Sittard is not sufficient.

This is mainly due to RKC, which plays hide and seek after Finn Stokkers' opening goal and allows Fortuna Sittard the ball.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

58 'Roel Janssen groans with pain when he gets a knee from RKC striker Finn Stokkers in the back with a corner kick.

It doesn't look good on the routine.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

49 'RKC goalkeeper Kostas Lamprou sits on the floor when Zian Flemming unhappily bumps into the Greek goalie with a shot from Sebastian Polter.

Lamprou must be attached by the RKC medical staff.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days


The ball rolls again in Sittard for the second half of Fortuna-RKC Waalwijk.

Will this so far disappointing game get another winner?

FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · in 4 days

Elia returns to FC Utrecht base

Eljero Elia returns to FC Utrecht base for the away match against FC Emmen.

The thirty-time Orange-international was passed by interim trainer René Hake last weekend for the duel with Fortuna Sittard, but after the disappointing 1-1 draw, the 33-year-old attacker can make his appearance in the team again.

FC Emmen lacks strong holder Michael de Leeuw and there is a basic place for Anco Jansen.

At 6.45 pm the ball rolls at De Oude Meerdijk.

Line-up FC Emmen: 


Van Rhijn, Araujo, Bakker, Cavlan;

Bijl, Veendorp, Bernadou;

Peña, Jansen, Kolar.

Line-up FC Utrecht:


Van der Maarel, St. Jago, Hoogma, Warmerdam;

Van Overeem, Van de Streek, Ramselaar;

Church, Mahi, Elijah.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

Sebastian Polter is the first player of Fortuna Sittard to have scored more than five goals after fourteen Eredivisie matches since Ronald Hamming in 1997/1998: nine goals.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

The most discussed moment of the first half of Fortuna Sittard-RKC Waalwijk was undeniably Sebastian Polter's equalizer for Fortuna Sittard.

The German seemed to be offside for a bit, but the linesman held his flag down and the VAR's offside lines overlapped.

And so the attacking party, Fortuna Sittard, got the advantage.

At RKC referee Marc Nagtegaal is the bitten dog.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days


It is not all good what Fortuna Sittard and RKC Waalwijk show in Sittard, but it is exciting.

Fortuna seemed to have to go back to the dressing rooms after Finn Stokkers' early opening goal, but in stoppage time the home team is tied by a debatable goal by Sebastian Polter.

Fortuna-RKC · in 4 days

45 + 1 'GOAL Fortuna Sittard!


Fortuna Sittard

tied the

score just before half time.

Rota passes the ball and via Flemming he gets to club top scorer Polter, who taps in from close range.

RKC, however, claims offside.

The VAR will look at the images, but after long consultation awards the goal.

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