In the All Japan Championship, which decides the best volleyball in Japan, the men's final was held on the 20th, and JTEKT defeated Panasonic to win the first victory.

The volleyball all-Japan championship and men's finals held in Ota-ku, Tokyo were both V-League 1st division, V1 JTEKT and Panasonic.

In the game, JTEKT took the initiative in the first set, taking the initiative by taking the initiative such as taking the consecutive points with the spike of Yuji Nishida who has rapidly grown into the main force of the Japanese national team with his unique jumping power and power and his favorite serve, and took the initiative 25 to 20. It was.

The second set, which followed, dropped 23 to 25, but took the third set 25 to 13, leading the set count to 2 to 1.

In the early stages of the 4th set, JTEKT competed with each other without giving up, but JTEKT assembled a match centered on Nishida's strong spikes and took this set 25 to 22 and won with a set count of 3 to 1.

JTEKT is the first champion of the All Japan Championship.

JTEKT's Nishida said, "I'm glad that I was able to win firmly in front of the spectators who came to the venue under the influence of the new coronavirus. I was able to decide where I should decide, so I felt my own growth. It was. "