Chinanews Client, December 20th. In the early morning of the 20th Beijing time, in the focus of the 13th round of Serie A, with Ronaldo’s score and the goals of Kulusevsky and Morata , Juventus beat Parma 4-0 away.

  Before this campaign, Juventus remained unbeaten in the league this season, but had tied up to 6 games in the first 12 rounds, so the points fell behind the Milan duo.

  This scene against Parma, Juventus can be described as a hearty win.

In the 23rd minute, Sandro made a pass from the left. Morata deliberately missed the ball before the point, and Kulusevsky outflanked the goal.

Just two minutes later, Morata made a pass from the left, Ronaldo shook his head and scored successfully, and Juventus expanded the lead.

This is the first time the Bianconeri have established a two-goal advantage at halftime in Serie A this season.

  Easy side to fight again, Juventus soon scored again.

Ramsey scored the ball in the middle, Ronaldo put in a low shot from the left and scored twice.

With Morata icing on the cake, Juventus eventually beat Parma 4-0.

  In the last away game this year, Juventus scored a complete victory.

In the standings, Juventus temporarily surpassed Inter Milan, which had one game short, rose to second place, closely following AC Milan.

  So far, Ronaldo has scored 16 goals in the Champions League and Serie A this season.

At the same time, some local Italian media surpassed Pele with 758 goals in Ronaldo's career!

"Writing for the title, believes that Ronaldo has already surpassed "Ball King" Pele in the official game.

However, due to different standards and other factors, the statistics of Pele's career goals will have different results.

  With at least two goals in this game, Cristiano Ronaldo temporarily left Ibrahimovic and Lukaku on the top of the Serie A scorer list. His cooperation with Morata is getting better and better. For this team coach Pirlo matches Later, he said, "C Ronaldo was very upset about the penalty missed in the last game. We spent a few days reflecting on him. He showed how eager he is to score goals, especially in the opening stage. I am not very satisfied with Morata's performance. Not surprising, we know that he is an excellent player, when he is in good shape, he can do anything."

  "The team is growing and the mental outlook is very good now, but it is still in the beginning stage. It must be done like this in every game in the future." (End)