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RKC-PSV a few seconds ago

RKC has started the new Eredivisie season very well and so trainer Fred Grim sees no reason to tinker with his starting eleven for the duel with PSV.

And so Vurnon Anita and Ola John appear from kick-off in Waalwijk.

RKC setup: 


Bakari, Meulensteen, Touba, Quasten;

Van der Venne, Tahiri, Anita;

Ngone, Stokkers, John.

VVV-Venlo-FC Twente · a few seconds ago

9 'Goal VVV-Venlo rejected!

There is also the VVV striker who has to stop cheering early.

Giakoumakis shoots the ball behind goalkeeper Drommel, but is a few centimeters offside.

VVV-Venlo-FC Twente 3 minutes ago

1 'Goal FC Twente rejected! 

In any case, Danilo has his sights on sharp.

The striker immediately finishes his first chance, but Serdar Gözübüyük has noted a foul by teammate Cerny.

So it remains 0-0 for a while.

3 minutes ago

VVV-Venlo-FC Twente 6 minutes ago


With two of the three Eredivisie top scorers on the field, goals seem guaranteed in the duel between VVV and Twente.

Which of the two strikers has his sights on the most: Giakoumakis or Danilo?

RKC-PSV 7 minutes ago

PSV with the trusted eleven against RKC

PSV with the trusted eleven against RKC Waalwijk.

This means that Mohamed Ihattaren and Mario Götze occupy the wings and Pablo Rosario also recovered in time from an injury he sustained in the cup match against De Graafschap (1-2) on Wednesday.

PSV line-up:


Dumfries, Teze, Boscagli, Max;

Götze, Rosario, Sangaré, Ihattaren;

Grind, Gakpo.

VVV-Venlo-FC Twente 18 minutes ago

The last time the two teams faced each other was on November 24, 2019. When all goals were scored within a time frame of 7 minutes and VVV won 2-1.

Peter van Ooijen and Elia Soriano were accurate on behalf of the Limburgers and Haris Vuckic scored the only Enschede goal.

VVV-Venlo-FC Twente 21 minutes ago

We are shifting our focus to De Koel, where VVV-Venlo and FC Twente are fully engaged in warming up.


🔴⚽️ We kick off here in Venlo in half an hour.

#vvvtwe #fctwente


Avatar Author FC Twente Moment of places 17: 16 - 19 December 2020

Eredivisie · 24 minutes ago

FC Groningen is on 26 points this Eredivisie season after thirteen matches.

Only in 2010/2011 (27) was the counter for the team after 13 rounds ever at 26 points or more.

FC Groningen ended that season in fifth place under trainer Pieter Huistra.

24 minutes ago

Sparta-FC Groningen 30 minutes ago

Beach Larsen guides FC Groningen to victory

FC Groningen keeps on winning in the Eredivisie.

The team of trainer Danny Buijs triumphs partly thanks to two goals from Jørgen Strand Larsen with 2-3 at Sparta Rotterdam and thus records its fourth league victory in a row.

Sparta undoes FC Groningen's lead before half-time via Lennart Thy, after which Strand Larsen puts on his show with two nice striker goals.

Due to the victory at Het Kasteel, revelation FC Groningen is currently shared third in the Eredivisie.

Sparta-FC Groningen 32 minutes ago

90 + 2 'Sergio Padt keeps FC Groningen going against Sparta here.

The goalkeeper, who introduced the cup elimination against FC Emmen last week with a blunder, saves nicely in the far corner on a heel by Wouter Burger.

Sparta-FC Groningen37 minutes ago

87 'Sparta Rotterdam launches a final offensive and tries to ensure the equalizing goal against FC Groningen in the last minutes.

Will the team of trainer Henk Fraser succeed in this?

Tom Beugelsdijk was sent to the Rotterdam vanguard as a battering ram to force something.

Sparta-FC Groningen 40 minutes ago

85 'A steward from Sparta Rotterdam has finally realized that Adrie Poldervaart is in a place where he is not allowed to be and sends the FC Groningen assistant away.

Poldervaart, which does not wear a face mask, does not agree and enters into discussion.

Sparta-FC Groningen 42 minutes ago

82 'A remarkable scene at Het Kasteel.

Adrie Poldervaart, FC Groningen's assistant, walked to the other side of the field to instruct the visitors' defenders.

Apparently all of that is allowed.

42 minutes ago

Sparta-FC Groningen one hour ago

80 'GOAL Sparta Rotterdam!


Will it still be exciting at Het Kasteel?

Substitute Wouter Burger gets the ball in front of his feet in the penalty area and does not hesitate for a moment.

Sergio Padt has no answer to the midfielder's shot, who ends up in the roof of the goal.

Can Sparta push through?

VVV-Venlo-FC Twente one hour ago

Danilo in Twente starting line-up

Also at FC Twente we see one of the top scorers of the Eredivisie in the starting line-up.

Danilo, good for ten goals in the league, is assisted in the attack by Queensy Menig and Vaclav Cerný.

Line-up FC Twente:


Ebuehi, Pleguezuelo, Pierie, Oosterwolde;

Brama, Ilic, Roemeratoe;

Cerný, Danilo, View.

VVV-Venlo-FC Twente one hour ago

Giakoumakis back at VVV

Hans de Koning can again have top scorer Giorgos Giakoumakis.

The striker was missing in the cup match visiting Almere City (1-4), but is fit enough to start against FC Twente.

Roy Gelmi, a permanent member of De Koning's team, is not available and is replaced by Joshua John.  

VVV setup:


Pachonik, Schaefer, Kum, Schmitz;

Post, Linthorst, John, Van Crooy;

Giakoumakis, Arias.

Sparta-FC Groningen one hour ago

74 'GOAL FC Groningen!


More than fifteen minutes before the end, Jørgen Strand Larsen decides the game with his second of the afternoon.

The Norwegian taps in a low cross from Gabriel Gudmundsson at the far post.

Sparta's resistance has now been broken.

Sparta-FC Groningen one hour ago

67 'Henk Fraser intervenes at Sparta and takes Bryan Smeets and Sven Mijnans, normally the best players from the selection, to the side.

A striking intervention by the coach.

Mario Engels and Reda Kharchouch come in.

an hour ago

Sparta-FC Groningen one hour ago

63 'Sparta Rotterdam is forced to come out of the shell after FC Groningen's 1-2, but that does not result in great opportunities yet.

FC Groningen is building a wall and defends tooth and nail the minimal lead over Het Kasteel.

That is entrusted to the Atlético Madrid of the Eredivisie, or does Sparta still find a hole?

Sparta-FC Groningen one hour ago

Jørgen Strand Larsen is over the moon when his bet at the second pole makes the Rotterdam net bulge.

For the Norwegian it is his fourth goal of the season.

With four assists included, he is currently the most valuable player for FC Groningen.

Sparta-FC Groningen one hour ago

55 ' 

Goal Sparta rejected! 

Sparta expects to be back on par with FC Groningen within a few minutes, but again the linesman puts a stop to this.

The official notes with a hawk's eye that Deroy Duarte was offside when Bryan Smeets nicely pulls the trigger.

Sparta-FC Groningen one hour ago

53 'GOAL FC Groningen!


The second half is a few minutes old and FC Groningen is once again ahead of Het Kasteel.

Mo El Hankouri gives a measured cross from the left flank and finds striker Jørgen Strand Larsen, who slides in nicely.

Beach Larsen then looks for the camera and makes a crying gesture, probably in response to the criticism about his goal drought.

Sparta-FC Groningen one hour ago


The ball rolls back into Spangen.

Sparta and FC Groningen kept each other in balance in the first half.

What awaits us in the second half?

an hour ago

Sparta-FC Groningen one hour ago

Lennart Thy makes his eighth Eredivisie goal of the season in the Sparta shirt.

The 28-year-old German set his personal goal record in an Eredivisie season in 2018/2019, when he scored nine times for PEC Zwolle.

Sparta-FC Groningen2 hours ago


Sparta and FC Groningen make it an exciting match at Het Kasteel and the 1-1 score underlines that.

FC Groningen is the first to find the net via Wessel Dammers and seems to have a simple afternoon, but ten minutes before half-time Lennart Thy puts the equalizer on the board for Sparta from nowhere.

What do the teams have in store for the second half?

Sparta-FC Groningen2 hours ago

40 'Sparta has gained confidence from Thy's equalizer, because suddenly the Rotterdammers have a predominance in their own house.

That almost results in the 2-1.

Deroy Duarte is put alone in front of the goalkeeper, but the attacker runs into Sergio Padt.

Sparta-FC Groningen2 hours ago

36 'GOAL Sparta Rotterdam!


Sparta pays a nice tribute to the fans of counterfootball, because after three passes in the counterattack, the home team hits the spot.

Mica Pinto takes over the ball and launches the upcoming right back Dirk Abels, who finds Lennart Thy at the far post with a great cross.

The German does not fail for an empty target.

Sparta is against the ratio on a level with FC Groningen.

Sparta-FC Groningen2 hours ago

28 ' 

Goal Sparta rejected! 

Deroy Duarte seems to put Sparta on a level with FC Groningen after a nice solo, but the linesman raises the flag for offside after his goal.

The official gets it right in the repetition.

It is Sparta's first convulsion.

Sparta-FC Groningen2 hours ago

26 'Sparta is off the leg after the opening goal of Wessel Dammers and almost has to accept the second goal.

Gabriel Gudmundsson beats his attackers on speed, but goalkeeper Maduka Okoye is there just in time.

In the rebound Jørgen Strand Larsen does not get the ball in either.

Sparta-FC Groningen2 hours ago

Wessel Dammers clenches his fist and lets out a primal cry after his first goal for FC Groningen.

Thanks to the defender, FC Groningen still leads 0-1 against Sparta, which has not yet been able to show its frivolous face against the stiff players from the far north.

Sparta-FC Groningen2 hours ago

FC Groningen, which is now known as the Atlético Madrid of the Netherlands, can play its trusted game after the early opening goal of Wessel Dammers.

What does that mean?

Withdraw to the defensive positions and from there surprise the opponent with a flashy counterattack.

Sparta-FC Groningen2 hours ago

16 'GOAL FC Groningen!


FC Groningen was already close to the lead a few times and is rightly in the lead at Het Kasteel.

The header of Ahmed El Messaoudi from a corner is initially turned away by Sparta goalkeeper Maduka Okoye, but in the rebound it is hit for Wessel Dammers.

It is the first goal for Dammers in the service of FC Groningen.

Sparta-FC Groningen2 hours ago

9 'Mohamed El Hankouri probably looked at Ralf Seuntjens this afternoon, because just like the attacker of De Graafschap against Young FC Utrecht this afternoon, the FC Groningen striker tries to target the hostile goal from the center line.

El Hankouri does that a lot worse than Seuntjens, because his attempt ends in the billboards.

Sparta-FC Groningen2 hours ago

4 'FC Groningen becomes dangerous for the first time at Het Kasteel.

Damil Dankerlui sends a splitting through ball from the right flank to striker Jørgen Strand Larsen, but the Norwegian is a few steps short to touch the ball.

Sparta goalkeeper Maduka Okoye snatches the toy from the artificial turf pitch.

Sparta-FC Groningen2 hours ago


The ball rolls on Het Kasteel.

Who will be the winner of the field after two halves: Sparta or FC Groningen?

Sparta-FC Groningen2 hours ago

FC Groningen still cannot rely on star player Arjen Robben.

The 36-year-old attacker is still recovering from a tear in his calf muscle and will not take action this year.

Sparta-FC Groningen2 hours ago

Sparta starts for the sixth Eredivisie game in a row with the same starting line-up.

The last time the team from Rotterdam kicked off six Eredivisie matches in a row with the same eleven players, was in August-September 1991 under trainer Rob Jacobs.

Sparta-FC Groningen3 hours ago

Sparta Rotterdam and FC Groningen kick off the Eredivisie Saturday in half an hour with the mutual meeting at Het Kasteel.

Both teams are in excellent shape.

FC Groningen has already won three games in a row, while Sparta took the longest in four of the last five games.

These are the lineups:

Lineup Sparta: 


Abels, Vriends, Heylen, Pinto;

Mijnans, Harroui, Smeets, Auassar, D. Duarte;


Line-up FC Groningen: 


Dammers, Itakura, Van Hintum;

Dankerlui, Lundqvist, El Messaoudi, D. van Kaam, Gudmundsson;

Larsen beach, El Hankouri.

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