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Here we will keep you informed about the boxing match between Badr Hari and Benjamin Adegbuyi.

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a few seconds ago

Hari loses on return to Rotterdam

Badr Hari has not been able to liven up his return as a kickboxer with a victory.

The Amsterdam Moroccan, who had not taken action for over a year, loses to Benjamin Adegbuyi.

Hari is knocked out in the third round after a kick from Adegbuyi.

a few seconds ago

Badr Hari loses the match to Benjamin Adegbuyi in the first minute of the third round!

He's going to be knocked out.

a few seconds ago

The second round comes to an end and this part without a doubt goes to Badr Hari.

The Moroccan Amsterdammer was already close to a victory after a few punches to Benjamin Adegbuyi's chin, but the Romanian could continue.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

Badr Hari finally has Benjamin Adegbuyi in the corner where he wants him and delivers a few hard punches, after which Adegbuyi goes to the ground.

The referee will count down for the first time in this game.

After seven seconds, Adegbuyi resumes his exercise.

a few seconds ago

There is finally a hit by Badr Hari on Benjamin Adegbuyi's chin.

The Romanian is not discouraged and counter with a few hefty combinations.

It will be a wear and tear to the end.

a few seconds ago

The first round is over and it is difficult to determine who emerged as the winner in these first three minutes.

Hari occasionally hits hard, but he clearly lacks rhythm and has already hit the ground a few times.

Benjamin Adegbuyi also does not make a convincing impression and does not get further than a few steps on the base of Hari.

a few seconds ago

Badr Hari goes to the ground for the third time and that is not a good sign.

It also doesn't look very smooth with the former world champion.

He can't really keep up with the fast pace, although Benjamin Adegbuyi doesn't really know how to take advantage of it.

a few seconds ago

There is no lack of self-confidence at Badr Hari, who opens with a few hard blows to the body of Benjamin Adegbuyi.

The Romanian immediately strikes back, after which Hari falls to the ground.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago


 The bell has sounded in Rotterdam.

The first round between Badr Hari and Benjamin Adegbuyi is on its way.

Is Hari going to hit it off in the first minutes?

The game consists of three rounds of three minutes.

a few seconds ago

Badr Hari goes with his chin up on his way to the arena in Rotterdam.

There the Romanian Benjamin Adegbuyi is waiting for him.


And there is Badr Hari


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a few seconds ago

Hari full of confidence for the match against Adegbuyi

Badr Hari was already full of confidence for his fight against Benjamin Adegbuyi.

In the eyes of the Moroccan Amsterdammer, his Romanian opponent does not have the weapons to defeat him.

"Benjamin is the same as Rico, they don't have any special effects," Hari said leading up to the fight.

"I've already shown everyone that Rico is easy to beat."

a few seconds ago

For Badr Hari it is his first fight since his lost match against Rico Verhoeven exactly a year ago.

At the time, Hari fell out with a torn ankle bracelet.

Partly due to the corona crisis, he had to wait a long time for his return.

a few seconds ago

In a few moments the match between Badr Hari and Benjamin Adegbuyi will start.

The duel at a secret location in Rotterdam is not about a world title.

a few seconds ago

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