As noted on the FHR website, according to this decision, Russia will be able to host the 2023 World Ice Hockey Championship in St. Petersburg without any restrictions.

In addition, it is indicated that the men's and women's national Russian teams will be able to compete at the World Cup 2021 and World Cup 2022, as well as at the Olympic Games-2022.

“The uniforms of hockey players can be performed in the colors of the flag, and the inscription“ Russia ”will be preserved on the uniforms of the players.

In this case, the players will perform in a neutral status (without the national flag and anthem).

The decision does not apply to the youth and junior world championships, ”the statement said.

In addition, FHR emphasizes that it will continue to defend its rights in all instances.

CAS decided to bar Russians from participating in international competitions from December 17, 2020 to December 16, 2022 under its own flag.

This will apply to the Olympic Games and World Championships.

At the same time, pure Russian athletes will be able to participate in competitions in a neutral status.

Earlier it was reported that Russian athletes will be able to perform in outfits with the name of the country and the tricolor at the Olympic Games.