The new competition of the Tokyo Olympics, the All Japan Championship, which decides the best karate in Japan, was held, and in the men's "form", Ryo Kiyuna, who has secured the unofficial decision to represent the Olympics, won the first nine consecutive titles in history.

On the other hand, Kiyou Shimizu, a female player of "Kata", missed the championship and did not win the eighth straight victory.

This year's tournament was held at the Nippon Budokan, the venue for the Tokyo Olympics, and there was an individual competition between "form", which competes for the accuracy and strength of the technique, and "kumite," which is a one-on-one match. ..

Of these, Kiyuna, who has confirmed the unofficial decision to represent the Tokyo Olympics, participated in the men's "Kata".

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, most of the players have had a long time since March because the international competitions have been canceled one after another.

Kiyuna has been a match since January, but he successfully won the final, showed a powerful and powerful performance, and won the championship with a big difference of 1 point or more, and won the tournament's first 9 consecutive victories. I played.

On the other hand, Shimizu, who has secured a job offer for the Olympics with the women's "form", also proceeded to the finals properly, but he could not express the sharp and dynamic movement of his character and lost to Hikaru Ohno, and the tournament I missed the record-breaking 8th straight victory.

Kiyuna "leaded to confidence"

Ryo Kiyuna, who won the men's "form" for the first time in nine consecutive titles, said, "I thought that if I could perform as hard as I could, the results would follow. The level of thrusting and kicking improved during the period when there was no competition. So, he said, "It has lived in shape. It also leads to confidence." He said, "I want to perform a performance that will give me a perfect score next time. I will win the Olympic Games next year."

Women's "Shape" Ohno "It was really so long"

Hikaru Ohno, who defeated Kiyou Shimizu in the women's "form" and won the first victory, said, "I just did what I could do without thinking. It was really long, but I didn't give up. I've come to Japan. I want to continue pursuing the form that I am satisfied with. "

Women's "Shape" Shimizu "Just regrettable"

Kiyou Shimizu, who missed eight consecutive victories in the women's "form" and finished second, said, "I'm just disappointed because I was aiming for eight consecutive victories. I was quite nervous at the tournament after a long time, and I wondered what it would be like. I wanted to win and challenge next year's Olympics with confidence, trying to show what I've been doing for the past year, but my weakness in feeling that I might lose. It has come into shape. "

For the future, I swore that I would like to do my best so that I can own my own skills. I would like to reflect on it again and start over.

The women's "Kumite" is unsuccessful for the two Olympics

In the women's "Kumite", Miho Miyahara and Ayumi Uekusa, who have confirmed the unofficial decision to represent the Tokyo Olympics, participated, but none of them produced any results.

At the All Japan Championship, kumite was held indiscriminately by weight, and this was held for the first time with a special armor "Menho" covering the head and a shield on the mouth to prevent infection of the new coronavirus caused by flying. ..

In the women's kumite, Miyahara, who is sure to be the representative of the 55 kg class at the Olympic Games, and Uekusa, who is sure to be the representative of the class over 61 kg, participated.

In the second round, Miyahara played against Yuzuki Sawae, a second-year student at Teikyo University, and although he took the lead with his strong stab, he was pushed by the power of his opponent, who greatly exceeded his physique in the second half, and was defeated in a row. It was.

On the other hand, Uekusa aimed to win the championship for the first time in two years, but at the end of the third round, a college student decided on a kicking technique and lost the game.

Sawae, who defeated Miyahara, won the women's kumite for the first time, and Yusei Sakiyama, a third-year university student, won the men's kumite for the first time.

Women's "Kumite" Miyahara "The speed is still high"

Miho Miyahara lost to Yuzuki Sawae, who won the championship in the second round, and said, "I was conscious of using the court widely because I was a bigger opponent than myself, but the speed was still high. I had to think about how to play the game. I have to accept the result and move forward. "

Regarding the fact that the international tournament is scheduled to be held from February next year, "I will play as much as possible in the international games that I can participate in, check how it has changed in the past year and whether it will work, and I will do my best for the Olympics. I want to. "

Women's "Kumite" Uekusa "I felt a different sense of distance"

Ayumi Uekusa, who lost to a college student in the third round, said about Menho, which was adopted as an infection countermeasure, "I have been practicing wearing it for this tournament, but I felt that the distance from the opponent was different from usual. It's my responsibility that I couldn't adjust because the changes in the are adjusted. "

For next year's Olympics, he said with tears, "I want to be strong one day at a time."