Albin Grewe is one of four players from the original junior World Cup squad who will not go to Edmonton due to a positive covid-19 test.

- I feel it's boring.

That it is decided in such a way.

I did two tests, a PCR and a quick test.

PCR showed a positive result.

It was a shock.

I had already had corona, says the talent.

"We are completely convinced"

After the positive test, several tests were done in a short time and all gave negative results.

It created frustration in Grewe.

- We are completely convinced that there has been something wrong with the lab.

It's going to be weird.

Strange rules.

I would have accepted if more than one test was positive, he says and continues:

- I have been looking forward to being part of it and have worked hard for it.

When it's like this, it's just boring.

I think I should join.

That the rules should have been different from the beginning.

- Claes (Elefalk, agent) and Ryan Allenby really tried to make the IIHF understand that I am healthy but they were rock hard with their rules.

"Really treat them to it"

Grewe is now focusing on cheering on Sweden in the JVM and helping his Djurgården.

- I only care about two things now.

One is that Sweden wins a medal at the JVM, I really treat my friends to it.

And I want to return to games in Djurgården so quickly.

CUT: The junior crowns refused to step on the plane

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The junior crowns refused to step on the plane Photo: Bildbyrån / SVT