Because a colleague on the board tested positive for Corona, Fredi Bobic is currently in quarantine.

The sports director of Eintracht Frankfurt is doing well.

Still, he's not carefree.

The situation in German football makes him thoughtful, as does Max Eberl, the sports director of Borussia Mönchengladbach.

This can be felt in a joint conversation.


How do you think all 36 professional


will make it through the crisis?


Yes, one with one black eye, the other with two - and others really shot.

I can only speak for ourselves: we only ever spent what we had and not something we thought we would get.

Clubs that took more risks because they absolutely wanted to be successful must remember that success cannot be the top priority at the moment.

Everyone is responsible to the members, employees and the team.


The country is facing a tough lockdown.

Do you fear any impact on gaming operations?