That Norway would take a podium place was not a big deal.

But it was Aleksander Aamodt Kilde who was the expected top skier.

Now it was instead about Adrian Smiseth Sejersted who became the first challenger.

A little surprise, as well as third Christian Walder, Austria, +0.54.

Last year's Super G winner Dominik Paris, who has been injured for a long time and has not yet returned to one hundred percent.

He finished 1.12 behind Caviezel in a modest 16th place, 1.12 behind.

Monsen had to wait

Felix Monsen started as number 42. However, he had to wait when the Italian Aloexander Praust, who started just before, got it wrong and crashed through a gate after a short flight.

Praust received help but seemed to have survived without any serious injuries.

Monsen went down through the snowfall to a 25th place, 1.54 behind Mauro Caviiezel.

Today's second Swede, Alexander Koell, started very promising and led the entire competition with two hundredths at the first intermediate time.

Shortly afterwards, however, he missed and drove out.

CLIP: Wiberg: How to get a new Stenmark (08 December 2020)

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Wiberg: Then you get a new Stenmark